New Jewelry Course – Pricing Your Jewelry With Confidence — Sharon Z Jewelry

New Jewelry Course - Pricing Your Jewelry With Confidence — Sharon Z Jewelry

Published 12.22.2020 and updated 8.6.2021

Pricing Your Jewelry With Confidence

Pricing is elemental to selling your jewelry – finding that sweet spot of what sells, what profits and what fits well with your jewelry is key to running your business with ease and confidence.

Is this you?

  • You make beautiful jewelry and people rave about your work.

  • Your work sells, but you wonder if you are on the right track to make money.

  • You set your jewelry prices, but think that they are too high.

  • You want to sell to stores and galleries, but you don’t think you’ll profit if you sell at wholesale prices.

  • You can see that money comes in when the sales come in, but you feel like it isn’t enough to cover your bills.

You know that your jewelry is good, that you take care with your work and that you have a product that sells, you just wonder if you should be able to sell even more, or you think maybe you have priced yourself out of your own market.

What would it feel like to be certain about your jewelry pricing?

  • You’ll speak with authority when giving customers a quote.

  • You’ll feel more confident taking on wholesale accounts.

  • You’ll be more certain that your sales will result in profit.

Pricing Your Jewelry With Confidence is a go-at-your-own-pace course with the process, tools and encouragement to price your jewelry for profit.

$99 gets you unlimited access to this eCourse

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