Why you should buy your first wig from luvmehair

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Buying your first wig can be a daunting task. We know how hard it is to find the right store for you. A store that sells good quality wigs along with that if you are a beginner it is also difficult to find the right type of wig yourself. Since so many different kinds of wigs are available in the market and you have many options to choose from. In this case, you should know the key features, the method of installation, and how beginner friendly these wigs are. Only after knowing all these things can you easily choose which type of wig is the best for you? In this article, we will tell about three kinds of wigs their key features, methods of installation, and why you should buy them from a reputable store like luvmehair. 

Headband wig human hair 

Before you buy any type of wig it is best to have a basic understanding of how that wig is made, what are its key features as well as the method of its installation? In the case of the headband wig human hair as you can tell by its name is that human hair is a key component of this wig. Since it is made from human hair it will look more natural and real than wigs made from synthetic material. The second important component of this wig is the headband unlike other types of wigs that use lace as their base component. This headband is seen on the forehead portion of the wig. As the headbands are lower in price compared to lace for this reason headband wigs human hair are lower in price compared to other types of wigs especially the ones made from high quality lace.

The Reasons why the headband wig human hair is in so much demand  

There are many reasons why headband wig human hair is in so much demand some of the reasons are listed below:

  1. A headband wig human hair is very convenient to install.
  2. Headband wig human hair is available in different styles so the buyer has many options to choose from. 
  3. These wigs are available in different colors which make it very convenient for the buyer especially if they want variety in colors.
  4. Headband wig human hair is actually very comfortable to wear. It comes with different headband sizes you can easily choose the one that is most appropriate for your head. The headband is elastic in nature and keeps the headband wig human hair secure around the head of the wearer.

Why you should buy headband wig human hair from luvmehair 

We know there are many stores both online and offline that sell headband wig human hair and many time you don’t get the product you paid for the quality might be lacking, or the product you receive doesn’t match the picture. So this is why we are recommending a store that can definitely be trusted with your money. At luvmehair, you can find and buy the best quality headband wig human hair. This wig comes in different styles, textures, lengths, and colors. Along with that different styles of headbands are also available perfect for any occasion from a chill Sunday brunch with friends to a wedding. You can wear the headband wig to any place and occasion. 

Bob lace front wigs 

Bob lace front wigs are special type of wigs that are short in length and have lace in the front section of the wigs. The purpose of adding lace to the front section is to make the wig look as realistic as it can be. With lace in the front, it gives the appearance of a natural hairline to the wearer. The short length of these wigs makes them very convenient to wear in warm weather as you don’t sweat much and the shorter length is also very easy to handle.

Benefits of buying Bob lace front wigs 

You will have many benefits if you buy Bob lace front wigs. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. Realistic hairline.

The lace in the front of the Bob wig creates a very realistic hairline.

  1. Easy to style

The Bob lace front wigs are easy to style because of the short length.

  1. Economical 

The Bob lace front wigs are short in length because for this reason you also have to spend less money on hairstyling products which is quite economical. 

Hair bundles 

Hair bundles are an essential component of any good wig. Whether you buy a wig from a store or get it customized no good quality wig can be manufactured without the use of high quality hair bundles. If you think lace is the most important component of the wig then you are wrong because hair bundles have the same importance if not more. So it is recommended to get high quality of hair bundles preferably the ones that have their cuticles intact if you want to make a good quality customized wig for yourself or someone else. 


A headband wig with human hair is a good choice for you if you want comfort and convenience together in a wig. It is also a good option if you want a type of wig that is not very expensive and is budget friendly.  Bob lace front wigs are the best choice for you if you want a wig that is short in length but also looks very natural and realistic. If you still think these wigs are not the best choice for you then we recommend you to get a customized wig for yourself. For a customized wig, you need top quality hair bundles. We would recommend you to buy the hair bundles from luvmehair as they have one of the highest quality hair bundles and wigs in the market. It is worth it to check their store.

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