What Are The Top Summer Trends For Men?

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Summer is here and it’s getting hotter by the day so it’s time to start getting into the summer style. It’s no secret that men struggle when it comes to warm weather. The types of questions I get all the time are things like ‘how do I look good in the summer?’, or even ‘how do I look good whilst staying cool?’ Well, these will be answered in this article as we will be going through some great trends to be looking at so you can look good whilst also feeling a little cooler. So out of the full tracksuit and get into the summer vibes. 


The ’70s had some serious wardrobe malfunctions with the likes of fluorescent leg warmers and flared pants. Well, there is one thing that they did right, that was of course the floral shirt. Floral shirts are just one of those items that keep coming back every couple of years. With luxury brands like Tom Ford and Burberry having floral on a range of different garments like shorts, shirts, tees and much more. To keep yourself cool whilst wearing a shirt in the summer is to opt for organic and natural materials so that you can breathe and be cool whilst also being extremely on-trend right now.

Bermuda Shorts

Who likes short shorts? There was a huge trend a couple of years ago for short shorts, but have slowly been dwindling. Unless you are going to be going on a super hot holiday and you want to get your legs tanned, then they shouldn’t be in your wardrobe anymore. More designers are now opting for Bermuda style shorts. Yes, I know what you’re thinking but I promise they don’t all look like your dad’s baggy Bermudas. In fact, Gucci is even adding more Bermudas to their collection. The tip for Bermuda shorts is to have them around an inch above the kneecap, anything lower on the leg are three quarters where you should not be wearing these in any circumstance.

Relaxed Tailoring

Warmer months means warmer evenings so it’s only right to have a loose-fitting summer suit to rock the evening look. The box-like breezy look is all the craze right now as you don’t need tight-fitting suits to boil your insides. Yes, this is an acquired look, definitely, but if done right, you may as well put a Panama hat on to look the best it can. If you are wanting to try this lookout, you should speak to your tailor to guide you on light materials which look great baggy. 


Nautical attire has been in style for many years. It’s definitely one of those that have been coming and going, but it is back. It’s summery, a classic and very stylish if not overdone. This doesn’t need to be anything to do with fluorescent yellow raincoats but it’s a yes to boat shoes, navy stripes and cropped pants. The great thing about nautical is it usually has a lot of white and blues so that it won’t attract the heat too much.

Now you know a little more about the trends which are going on this summer, you can now follow some of the trends whilst looking your best. Having comfy loungewear for the home is also important too for the garden meaning your men’s twin set will be fine for then.