Tips to Dress Like in the Decade that is Most Fashionable

If last winter season fashion decided to be inspired by the 70s, for this summer it takes a step into the next decade and turns the eighties into the time to review, study and copy, if we want to achieve the trendiest looks. Going back 40 years is not as difficult as it may seem and, much less, that the garments inspired by those moments are not outdated. You just have to know what to choose.

The eighties became for a long time a dark decade for the world of fashion, a somewhat shameful time from which no one wanted to rescue photos. The fault of everything is the taste for the excess of this decade in which the motto “more is more” was carried as a banner. If we talk about garments the vlone clothes were characterized by an excessive taste for volumes, the most striking prints and the use of glitter at all times.

Little by little that animosity has been softened and its influences have been hovering over us for months in the form of trends. Just two examples, such as the fever for XXL blazers to which we succumbed last summer or the invasion of sequins that we lived in the last Christmas, to realize that the firms were already sending us signals for a long time that the eighties were going to be in vogue again.

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The Eighties are Back!

We must be careful because this tendency can turn against us because so much excess is difficult to control. For this reason, nothing better than to give you some infallible tricks that you can take into account to resurrect the eighties in the 21st century.

1) Up Those Shoulders

If there is something that characterizes the eighties, it is the large shoulder pads. They are his main legacy and the memory we all have of those years. Of course, this summer they are back in fashion but, yes, updated in a smaller format than it was at that time. Forget showing off the shoulders of rugby players, this time the shoulder pads are more feminine and integrate more naturally into the patterns of blouses, dresses and jackets.

The volume will not only remain in the shoulder area but will continue to descend down the arms in the form of large puffed sleeves. The short lantern sleeve is the minimum we have to accept.

2) American XXL or Bullfighters

The Americans are not going to understand middle terms this season because the favorites are found at completely opposite poles. On the one hand we have the infallible oversize men’s style jackets where you will have to bet on the extremely long vintage style models. The other side is made up of the bullfighters, a type of garment that returns after (too) time off. They do so thanks to two strong trends such as our leading decade today and the ‘crop top’ cuts that has cut any type of upper garment, even outerwear.

A trick to using jackets that mark the shoulders without having to resort to shoulder pads is to choose designs that emphasize this area of ​​the body thanks to ruffles, bows or contrasting fabrics.

3) Unisex Pants

In recent months we are beginning to see a real wave of genderless or genderless proposals that can be used by both men and women. We found Vlone camo pants something super modern … but we cannot forget that in the eighties this type of garments were already triumphant, although at the time we called them unisex.

If the blazers could already be classified as unisex, this term is the best adjective to designate the type of pants that will be worn the most this season. The pants are worn wide, or very wide, so we have to continue betting on new formats such as paper bags, palazzo or balloon. All of them share that they do not conform to the silhouette of your legs and that they seem to be taken from a masculine wardrobe.

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4) Prints and Colors so as not to go Unnoticed

The excess in the fashion of the eighties was not only in the patterns, the colors made great competition to the shoulder pads and the ruffles choosing their most striking tones and the most indescribable prints. If we focus on the colors, we have to highlight the fluorescent and, in a year in which pink is king, fuchsia takes the crown of the favorite color of this trend.

Go crazy with prints. Without a doubt, animal prints will be great favorites, especially the leopard in its more artificial versions, but there are other alternatives such as geometric drawings, childish-looking flowers … and never forget about tie dye.

5) Disco Fever due to Sequins Filling

Hand in hand with the fashion of the eighties that we have already reviewed, comes the disco aesthetic that marked the favorite music of those years. The styles of the great divas return to the top of the charts so it’s time to totally lose the embarrassment about the sequins and dress them from top to bottom in striking dresses.

Do not think that sequins are an exclusive material for party moments. This fabric comes with so much strength that, believe it or not, it can accompany you at any time of the day. To be able to do this, it is best to choose a garment, such as a blouse or skirt that you combine with another basic piece.

6) Long Live the Flyers

A detail that we cannot overlook are the ruffles, an element that is capable of completely transforming a current design into an eighties reminiscence. The reason is the volume they add to any garment, so they can make their presence known at any time, whether in the hem, in the neckline or in the waist area as a peplum. They can also defend themselves alone, as a couple or form a real tsunami of waves throughout the garment.