This person redefines the phrase “shooting off at the mouth.”

A Mississippi overall body-modification “addict” is currently being dubbed a “human gun” following demonstrating how he can amazingly shoot pellets by way of a gaping gap in his chin. TikTok video clips spotlighting the hole-y man’s weird system-shot exhibit have racked up hundreds of thousands of views — and more than 1 million likes — as of Tuesday afternoon.

“I’ve had persons simply call me silly or ignorant for ‘destroying my overall body,’ or they talk to if there is something mistaken with me,” said Colton Pifer, 29. The ginger development worker features a whopping 36 piercings — like in his septum and penis. He also sports activities a break up tongue, a la the Komodo dragon, and a smorgasbord of body ink, which includes facial tattoos.

Perhaps most noteworthy is Pifer’s chin piercing, which he has utilized a confront expander on to develop a long-lasting gap. The human pincushion commonly employs this chin chasm to, upon well-liked ask for from his more than 20,000 TikTok followers, display a range of bash tricks, from blowing smoke by means of it to working with it like a Super Soaker.

In his most up-to-date clip, posted in response to fan who dubbed him a human weapon, Pifer can be witnessed applying his makeshift 2nd mouth to fire off a bunch of Airsoft pellets. He only places a bunch of the plastic BBs in his mouth — and then spits them by way of the gap like a human pitching machine.

Commenters on his TikTok account have declared the now-viral clips concurrently “badass” and “disturbing.”

 “My favourite piercing is probably my septum, mainly because I've been able to stretch it so big," Pifer boasted. "It's about an inch now, and I still have plans on stretching it further."
“My most loved piercing is possibly my septum, mainly since I’ve been in a position to stretch it so huge,” Pifer boasted. “It’s about an inch now, and I even now have designs on stretching it even further.”
Jam Push/@natas_ma_i
Pifer demonstrates shooting Airsoft pellets through the hole in his chin.
Pifer demonstrates shooting Airsoft pellets through the gap in his chin.
Jam Press Vid/@natas_ma_i

Pointless to say, TikTok was overjoyed that he set his gun-ny wherever his mouth was.

“And I’ve observed almost everything now,” gushed a person awestruck enthusiast, even though yet another declared the online video “the greatest thing i have observed all working day.”

“Don’t request me why I save this,” claimed another admirer of the trick shot. “I just have to have proof if i at any time provide this up.”

One particular TikTok wit joked about what would take place if Pifer at any time went to a BB gun battle, quipping: “Goes to air gentle struggle: where’s your gun? You: I AM GUN.”

Pifer's perforated septum allows him to pick both nostrils with one finger.
Pifer’s perforated septum makes it possible for him to decide both nostrils with one particular finger.
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“I've had people call me stupid or ignorant for 'destroying my body' or they ask if there's something wrong with me," said Pifer.
“I’ve experienced persons connect with me stupid or ignorant for ‘destroying my system,’ or they ask if there’s one thing improper with me,” mentioned Pifer.
Jam Press/@natas_ma_i

Go figure: The human firearm explained his myriad piercings have garnered him a lot of stares from strangers.

“People out in community stare at me all the time,” the porous soul advised and Jam Press, incorporating that luckily he’s had primarily favourable interactions.

“I’ve had people today halt me in public just to glance at my tattoos and admire them,” explained the extraordinary overall body modifier. “I even had this more mature woman prevent me one time and she suggests, ‘I do not necessarily mean this rudely, but I have just obtained to stare at you for a second! You seem so different, I definitely like it!’”

Pifer, for one particular, could not think about everyday living with out his piercings. “My favored piercing is almost certainly my septum, mostly simply because I have been in a position to stretch it so big,” the epidermal perforator boasted. “It’s about an inch now, and I however have options on stretching it further more.”

He added that the most unpleasant was likely the apadravya — a genital piercing that goes through the major of the penis head out by way of the underside — which was “pretty rigorous having it accomplished.”

Pifer has 36 piercings, including his septum, penis and most notably, his chin.
Pifer has 36 piercings, together with his septum, penis and, most notably, his chin.
Jam Push/@natas_ma_i
In the future, Pifer plans to get 8mm holes punched out of his nostrils, and even adorn his body with implants.
Right here he is as a teenager — ahead of his transformation. In the long term, Pifer strategies to get 8mm holes punched out of his nostrils, and quite possibly even adorn his entire body with horns.
Jam Push/@natas_ma_i

Irrespective of his Swiss cheese-esque pores and skin, Pifer states there is nevertheless plenty of holes in his piercing arsenal that he’d like to get filled. In the upcoming, he strategies to get 8mm holes punched out of his nostrils, and even adorn his body with faux growths.

“I do not have any nevertheless, but I prepare on having some in the future,” mentioned Pifer. “Whether it be horn implants, hand implants or arm implants, I just want some type of implants in my overall body. I feel that would look so cool.”

In the end, the body-mod hobbyist states his overall look is a key example of how appears to be like can be deceiving: “Some people today are way too quick to judge dependent off appearances, and if you look at any of my video clips, you will see that I’m in fact just a usual, goofy specific. I just come about to actually like overall body mods!”

Pifer is also inked from head to toe.
Pifer is also inked from head to toe.
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Pfifer also likes hot dogs.
Pifer also likes incredibly hot pet dogs.
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