The Growth of Natural Cosmetics in the Colombian Beauty Industry

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The makeup industry is an old industry that has grown stronger over the decades. People now want fashion, beauty, and even skin care with cosmetic products made with natural ingredients to preserve the ecosystem. For this reason, Colombia has taken advantage of the country’s biodiversity to produce cosmetics with natural properties based on plants, trees, and fruits.

Here we present the companies making waves in the Colombian makeup and natural cosmetics industry.

Waya Natural

Waya means “we” in the Wayuú language (an indigenous community in Colombia). It was chosen to show the strength of women united. That brand is a faithful believer that health and beauty go hand in hand, so they only use natural ingredients in their makeup and cosmetic formulations.

One of its most popular products is the base of natural makeup with passion fruit seed oil. Thanks to its properties, the skin is nourished and hydrated without covering its pores. It is a hypoallergenic makeup ideal for mature, dry, sensitive skin and other problems, such as oily and mixed skin. Another of the brand’s most famous natural cosmetics products is micellar water with papaya extract. The brand also has many more natural cosmetics that have shown considerable success in the market.


It is a body cosmetics brand that produces products such as scrubs, skin creams, moisturizers, and shampoos. The shampoo is well-loved for its components and results. The Shampoo is made with chamomile and grapefruit and is a soft product that cleanses and nourishes the scalp. Thanks to its natural extracts, it leaves hair soft and shiny, while chamomile extract lightens natural and gradual hair. 

Hills Garden

It all began in 2013 when a group of brothers inherited a farm with a Neem tree in Córdoba. Neem is a legendary Indian tree with excellent health and skin properties. They discovered its wonders and thought of a way to offer them to the public. From this, they began to develop their brand concept of cosmetics with 100% natural products to reconnect people with their nature.

Among its products are masks, soaps, oils, and body sprays, providing various benefits that enhance the skin and meet the needs of people who want to look beautiful without sacrificing the integrity of their skins.  

Mae Selva

The main interest of the brand is to develop natural cosmetics products, which beyond recreating a stereotype of beauty idealized by society, seeks to become an experience of self-love. 

Its leading cosmetics are anti-fall shampoo and skin exfoliants, with a good reception from the public, because of how well they nourish hair and skin. 

The exfoliant was the first product of Mae Selva. Its presentation is solid, and it feels like having coffee in hand. However, besides this ingredient, it contains panela and more than eight natural oils. 

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