The Best of the ‘Friends’ Stars’ Nineties Fashion

In its heyday, Friends helped set the standard for New York City-centric sitcoms, primetime comedy, and even trendy haircuts. In the years since its finale, it’s become a cultural touchstone—but its impact in the realm of fashion shouldn’t be overlooked. From Rachel Green’s Cher Horowitz-esque plaid skirt and white turtleneck to Joey Tribbiani wearing every piece of clothing his roommate Chandler Bing owned, memorable style moments from the show have become ‘90s aesthetic canon. But the stars of the show didn’t just make an impact on screen—their looks on red carpets, at Hollywood events, and on the streets were encapsulated the minimalist, grunge-adjacent, and simply chic style of the decade. Before watching the Friends reunion, now streaming on HBO Max browse through some of the best looks Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc wore during their peak era.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards, 1999

Photo by DAN CALLISTER Online USA, Inc.

Remember handkerchiefs as tops and Matrix-inspired pleather?

A Still From Friends, 1999

A touch of grunge, a dash of the Gap, and plenty of hair gel.

New York Film Critics Circle Awards, 1999

Photo by Evan Agostini/Liaison

Lisa Kudrow, who played the lovable space cadet Phoebe Buffay attends the 64th awards show in New York City wearing a totally 1990s take on the Little Black Dress: boatneck neckline and below-the-knee hem included.

A Still From Friends, 1999

From the scalloped hem on Rachel’s suit jacket to Joey’s Banana Republic-style pullover, these looks scream ‘90s.

A Still From Friends, 1999

A grown-out “Rachel,” but a “Rachel” nonetheless.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards, 1999

Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry’s suits are fairy timeless—but their spiky, gelled-up hairdos are ‘90s if we’ve ever seen it.

A Still From Friends, 1999

Chokers and floral hair barrettes were Phoebe’s sartorial bread and butter on the show. And Chandler always loved a vest.

The Hotel Crillon in Paris, 1998

Ever After Premiere, 1998

Courteney Cox and her ex-husband David Arquette walk the red carpet in Hollywood.

Floor-length maxi skirts and slinky sandals were key trends from the decade.

Friends Thanksgiving Episode, 1998

Technically these are looks from the 1980s—David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry are dressed in Miami Vice style suits as part of a flashback on the show. But the colorblocks and gelled hair are wholly of the ‘90s aesthetic.

Courteney Cox wears crimson crushed velvet and a matching shacket to the red carpet premiere of her seminal slasher movie.

Two more versions of the LBD.

The Object of My Affection Premiere, 1998

Lisa Kudrow perfects the Laura Ashley look.

Fools Rush In Premiere, 1997

Matthew Perry and co-star Courteney Cox, who played longtime love interests Monica and Chandler on Friends, attend Perry’s film premiere in Los Angeles.

In this press photo for the show, Cox wears a staple frock from the ‘90s, with mock bra straps and a delicate floral pattern.

Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Jennifer Aniston, 1997

The best part of this promotional photograph? Cox tugging at Kudrow’s necklace pendant.

The Fire and Ice Ball, 1997

Lisa Kudrow’s Empire waist, Courteney Cox’s version of a one-shoulder dress, and Jennifer Aniston’s reference to the WB show Charmed is the stuff of 1990s dreams.

The “Friends Helping Friends” Event, 1997

Pretty sure we saw this sequin sweater set, box-toe shoe combo at every bat mitzvah and wedding back in the day.

Romeo and Juliet Premiere, 1996

We love the wide lapels on David Schwimmer’s oversize jacket.

The Rachel haircut in all its glory.

Matthew Perry takes a leaf out of his character Chandler’s book with this button-down vest and white tee pairing.

The 10th Annual Comedy Awards, 1996

The blown-out bangs! The sheer tights! Matthew Perry still can’t seem to stay away from excess gel.

The queen of baby tees, light-wash jeans, and colored sunglasses makes an appearance on the red carpet in Los Angeles.

A Still From Friends, 1996

Ross and Rachel wear matching Levi’s.

On the Set of Friends, 1996

Who could forget Tom Selleck as Monica’s boyfriend, Richard?

On the Set of Friends, 1996

Courteney Cox, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jennifer Aniston film the episode “The One After the Super Bowl,” which did actually air following that year’s Super Bowl.

The Infiniti Tennis Tournament, 1995

Matthew Perry rocks a rare sporty moment.