Selling Skin Care, Consumer Report 75% of All Drugs and Cosmetics are Derived from Nature


Cosmetic companies like Erno Laszlo, Estee Lauder and Lancome, train their sales associates to sell unsuspecting women hundreds of dollars of unnecessary skin care products.

SELLING SKIN CARE, TELLING LIES – 75% of all drugs and cosmetics are derived from nature.

One of the lies, which builds the sale, is that the eye area is too frail and delicate for your facial moisturizer. “Only an eye cream will work on the eye area”, another lie. “You must use our cleanser” in order to receive the full benefits of our moisturizer. “You won’t receive the full anti aging benefits if you don’t use the whole system”. All Lies.

Try cleaning your skin with baby shampoo, milk and sugar, equal parts. Want to look younger, add cornmeal to the cleanser. Acne a problem, add aspirin. Splash to rinse 10 times with very warm water. Need a toner, use Green Tea or Orange or Aloe Vera Juice. Moisturize with a vitamin e capsule or soy bean oil (vitamin e). For melasma or brown spots, an over the counter fade cream (under $10.00) twice a day after cleansing takes the place of an in office procedure.

Erno Laszlo won’t even sell individual items, they insist you use everything from Erno Laszlo, alcohol, mineral oil and petroleum based.

The news media won’t tell you that cosmetic companies like Erno Laszlo use, pore clogging petroleum and mineral oil and charge the consumer up to $100 a jar for sugar, castor oil and fragrance. Can you imagine being a writer for a magazine trying to tell the truth about their advertisers skin care products?

There is no market for the truth. Cosmetic companies use sugar or glycol acid in anti aging products because sugar penetrates the skin and the skin cell. This means, yes you can take a bath in sugar and you will look younger. Your skin will become more supple looking because the sugar plumps up the skin cells in your skin.

If a cosmetic company creates a chemical that penetrates the skin and the skin cell, it would be considered a drug, not a cosmetic and require a doctors prescription. Nature provides aspirin (salicylic acid), derived from a plant, the active ingredient in acne treatment skin care products, from Proactive and Erno Laszlo.

The grape seed extract in eye care products from Erno Laszlo and Estee Lauder, is Thompson Seedless Green Grapes and green tea is green tea. How can women spend so much money buying such inferior skin care,,just bad copies of natural ingredients (food).

Fruit acid in cosmetics are made from: apples, oranges, grapefruit, berries, all very good for your skin. Cosmetic companies make chemicals that mimic the action of fruit on your face. Honey contains a natural peroxide and is a great skin care treatment for dry skin.

Where can a woman go for a true education on her skin, not the department store cosmetic counter, they have lies for the consumer.

The media does not protect the consumer against cosmetic companies because they are afraid of offending their advertisers or even their shareholders. What about a book you say that exposes that fact that exfoliation with cornmeal will make your skin look younger and aspirin can replace a product sold only with a prescription. Same problem, who would publish the book, a publisher owned by corporation who owns a skin care company. Where would such a book be advertised?

Can you literally rub lines and wrinkes away with a wash cloth and water, yes. This is a very inexpensive treatment for getting rid of “crows feet”.

Aloe Vera smells really bad, but boy does it penetrate the skin without an rx. Natural ingredients like milk, sugar and aloe are synthesized preserved with chemicals and mixed into mineral oil and water for $65.00 from Erno Laszlo.

The same corporation that owns the skin care company, owns the newspaper, magazine, book publisher and television station. Did you know that garlic kills lung cancer cells in a test tube?


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