Luvme Short bob wigs, T part wig, and U part wig

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1. Short bob wigs:

The trendy bob wigs give you a sophisticated and exquisite look. Bob wigs are available in different sizes from long to short bob. The best thing about the bob is that they make you comfortable on any occasion and are always head-turning style. If you’re a bob lover then you must try short bob wigs from Luvmehair. 

Luvmehair is a renowned wig store that makes human hair wigs and promises to deliver quality. Short bob wigs from luvmehair are all the rage because of their sturdy material and glossy finish. They look just like natural hair and make your appearance more dominant. Must try short bob wigs from luvmehair, you gonna love that.


Here we’ll discuss how you can make your short bob wigs more appealing so that it becomes special by following some simple yet mandatory steps.

Go for right bob:

Always choose a bob that best suited you. Short bob wigs need to be chosen wisely because they may not compliment every face cut. Remember not to go for synthetic wigs because they can be detected easily and looks false so prefer to go for human hair made short bob wigs from Luvmehair.

Perfect measurement:

The exact measurement of the head also makes you choose the right bob for you. If you wanna buy a short bob wig then measure your head shape from ear and ear and temple to temple to get the best-fitted short bob wig. Get a hairpiece that follows your natural hairline and for a short bob wig, it’s crucial to get an exact fit bob so it didn’t look false or absurd.

Flexible to wear:

Get a short bob wig that is flexible. Some wigs are of your size but still seem tight so you need to stretch them. To make the short bob wig exactly of your size you can moist it with water gently and place it over a bit bigger wig head so it can extend and stretch a bit and become of your size. 


If you want to install a short bob wig then you can use a fishnet cap to secure your natural hair. This securing method didn’t damage your hair and even keep the scalp breathable and didn’t make it sweaty. Fishnet caps also save your hair by trimming and shedding. Fishnet cap under short bob wig gives the bob wig an additional grasp.

While installing a short bob wig make sure it resembles your natural hairstyle and it follows your natural hairline. Put a short bob wig in a way that it is naturally around your face and didn’t look odd.


If you’re scared of your wig being detected then always prefer to lightly style your wig. You can add some hair accessories that can make your short bob wig more natural and appealing. 

Choose natural color short bob wig so it looks realistic and you can flaunt it with confidence.

2. T part wig:

This stylish wig comes with T shaped opening at the front part of the wig. T part wig has 13×5 inches lace following your hairline. It has maximum density for a natural appearance and seems realistic like your natural hair because it resembles to lace frontal.  This cost-effective wig is beginners friendly and available at Luvmehair at super affordable rates. 

Luvmehair T part wig:

You can buy a premium quality t part wig from luvmehair that is made from virgin human hair. luvmehair t part wig enables you to create natural hairline with high density. Their wigs are not prone to shedding and tangling so without having second thoughts grab your t part wig from luvmehair and enjoy its features.

Installation of T part wig:

Here we’ll discuss the installation process of t part wig for beginners.

  • Put the t part wig overhead and match its open part to your middle parting. It will sit on your head and ear tabs for maximum protection. Secure the elastic band of the t part wig around the head and nape of the neck.
  • It’s time to trim the excess lace following your natural hairline. You can cut the lace in a zigzag style for maximum clarity and natural appearance.
  • Now you can apply some wig adhesive where needed. Use some concealer or foundation that matches your tone to tint the underneath of the t part wig or top of the hairline area. 
  • If your t part wig hasn’t had a pre-plucked hairline then it’s time to pluck the hairline carefully by leaving some baby hair.
  • If you love baby hair then style them with the gel or spray or you can either cut or trim them if you’re okay with the baby hair. But remember leaving some baby hair on the forehead to create a more natural look.
  • To make the scalp more prominent and exact to your tone you can use some powder or foundation and apply it between the natural hairline and baby hairs. It will give the smooth realistic appearance of the scalp and hair naturally going out from the scalp.
  • It’s time to style the t part wig by using hair gel and a hot comb. A hot comb makes the hair flat and smooth like natural hair. You can smooth out the wig from the hairline and parting by using a hot comb for a seamless natural look.

3. U part wig:

U part wig comes with U shaped opening at top of the wig. It allows showing you natural hair from the parting thus didn’t make the scalp sweaty. It keeps you comfortable even in hot weather and allows you to opt for different hairdos. U part wig is the best option for realistic-looking hair as it enables you to blend your natural hair with the wig from opening. 

Anyone with a medical condition or hair thinning issue can go for a U part wig to conceal the scalp and enjoy natural-looking hair. You can get this excellent features-loaded wig from luvmehair. It’s available in different sizes and textures. The best thing about luvmehair is that they make virgin human hair wigs that last longer. This quick insulating wig provides you with effortless styling and never lets you down.

Styling and Care tips:

Here we’ll discuss some styling and care tips that can make your U part wig more enhanced and flaunting.

Right product usage:

When using a human hair U part wig from luvmehair, you have to go for products that are specially made for virgin wigs to increase the lifespan. Some care products contain harsh ingredients and thus can damage the lace or strands of the wig. Be careful and invest in top-notch quality products that are meant to be used for human hair wigs.

Use wig stand for styling:

If you want to style your U part wig, you can use a wig stand for it. Put your wig on wig stands and style it as you want and then put it on your head. It makes the styling process easy. Then you just have to secure the wig on your head and you’re good to go. While styling the wig, be careful in using heat equipment as it may cause damage to the U part wig in long run.

Secure your natural hair:

Before putting on the U part wig you have to secure your natural hair but leave some hair on top so they can come out from the opening. For a good fit of wigs, it’s better to make braids of your natural hair so it becomes flat and the wig can sit on the head evenly. It even makes the wig securing process easy and smooth. 

But if you have long hair then you can use glue or the sew-in method to secure your wig. For securing a U part wig you can use a chin strap for maximum protection.

Follow hairline:

After installation of the U part wig, make sure your natural hairline didn’t overshadow my wig. Your wig must follow a natural hairline. To make the hairline look smooth and natural you can use concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone.

Follow these tips while installing of U part wig for a better appearance.

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