How can you change your personality with polo shirts?

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People tend to dress differently based on the occasion they will attend. At times, men wear formal attire while at times; they choose to wear casual wear. Men can easily decide on the clothes that they should wear in comparison to females. With passing time, a polo shirt for men is turning into a prevalent choice due to its versatility. A man can wear a polo shirt in some seconds only and visit any place, like his workplace, to date, to a guy’s night, etc. 

Features of the knitted polo shirt

The knitted polo is called the jack of all trades. These shirts become excellent substitutes for ordinary shirts as they have textured and weightier fabric. This adds richness to a highly casual shirt. When you opt for a formal look, then you can choose neutral colors and longer sleeves. You must pair your shirt with brogues and smart trousers. Boat shoes go extremely well with these shirts and they will complete your look and style. Now if you wish to have an elegant and sophisticated look, you must keep your buttons done and collar pulled down.

How can you select a polo shirt?

While buying polo shirts for men, you need to be mindful of some things like:

  • Fittings – You need to keep in mind that polo shirts shouldn’t be loose and they shouldn’t be too tight too. Again the armholes too shouldn’t be too tight or loose. The armholes should get sufficient room for normal motion without too much hindrance or too much fabric.
  • Types – You will find 6 various types of polo shirts and each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Again, they are found in various price ranges too. You can avail polo shirts in various colors and materials. The screen printing polo shirts are affordable though they have lower longevity while embroidery is pricey but they hold up. 

Some popular types of polo shirts

  • Blended – These materials combine the affordability of cotton and the pliability of synthetic materials.
  • Jersey knit – This comprises elastic-like components and doesn’t wrinkle.
  • Polyester – These types of polo shirts neither wrinkle nor shrink and happen to be resistant to stains.
  • Performance – A performance polo shirt comes armed with some extra features, like UV protectors, odor reducers, etc.
  • Pure cotton – Due to its nature, cotton can bestow high comfort as it absorbs moisture.
  • Silk – Silk polo shirts wrinkle easily.