Different Types of Baby Car Seats

A good car seat is a most important thing that you can purchase for your child. It would be a best safety product for your small child. You should purchase a car seat when you take your baby from hospital to your home. Until your baby grows around the age of 10 years, you will need the baby car seat. Once you decide to purchase the baby car seat, you should find the right platform. Mothercare is a best online shopping platform to purchase the maternity products and kid’s accessories. If you have limited budget range, you can use the Mothercare code to purchase the best quality products at discount price. In order to find the best car seat, you should follow the instructions given below.

Select the Right Model:

In order to find the best car seat, it is not necessary to invest lot of money. It is reported that many mid priced models of baby car seat work better than pricier ones. Therefore planning is necessary to find the best deals. If the weight of your child is from 4 to 40 lbs, you should choose infant car seat. For new parents, it is the first baby car seat. The infant car seat can be installed rear-facing only. This model comes with a removable carrier. Visit Mothercare online shopping center to find the best baby car seats. It offers the wide range of models of car seats for your children. Use the Mothercare code to get massive discounts on all kids’ accessories and products. 

Convertible Seat:

When your child first birthday arrives, you should purchase a convertible seat. You can get it installed rear or forward facing. If your child is younger than 1 year, baby car seat must be installed rear-facing. After the age of one year, you can use the forward facing option.  You can use the convertible car seat for short and long travels. This type of baby car seat can withstand the weight around 65 lbs. it comes with a detachable carrier. The price of convertible seat depends on quality of material and company. The price of this product may be little bit higher; therefore you can get benefit from the use of Mothercare code to get discounts. 

Booster Car Seat:

This type of baby car seat uses a car’s own seat belt. When you child weight and height exceeds the certain limit of a forward facing seat, it is a time to purchase the booster car seat. This type of car seat raises your baby up in the car. The seat belt fits your child properly in this situation. This type of baby car seat comes in two main styles, backless and high-back. When your baby crosses the age limit of two years, you can select the booster car seat with confidence. It is a best product for your child because it offers maximum comfort and protection. At Mothercare online store, you can easily purchase this product at discount price through Mothercare code.