Difference Between a Facial Cleanser and Ordinary Soap


Your skin is the largest organ in your body. In order to keep your skin healthy and for your hygiene’s sake, you need to constantly clean it. If the skin is not effectively cleaned, it would accumulate pollution, sweat, debris, bacteria as well as excess oil. However, you must use a different cleanser for your body and your face. This is because not all ingredients present in an ordinary soap can meet the needs of your oily, dry, or sensitive skin in the face.

Ordinary soaps have the tendency to dry your skin. Yes it does clean your skin but it takes out the lipids as well. Remember that your skin in the face is more sensitive compared to the skin in the rest of your body. Loss of lipids in your face may trigger the sebaceous gland to produce more oil. It might result to a very oily face and worse, acne breakouts. However, if you still prefer soaps to be used as a medium to clean your face, you must opt for facial soaps rather than ordinary soaps out in the market.

Another reason why ordinary soaps are not advisable to be used on the face is because of the salt used in making these soaps. It will eventually emulsify oil as well as dirt in your skin. Aside from acne breakouts, there are also some cases that ordinary soap may result to swelling of the face.

Ordinary soaps also have other chemicals that are not necessary in cleaning your face such as fragrance, pigments, or dyes. For those who have sensitive skins, this might cause them to have skin problems.

On the other hand if you will use a cleanser that is made specifically for your face you have a bigger chance of getting that flawless and glowing skin, making other people so envious. There are different kinds of cleansers out in the market were made specifically for those who have sensitive skin, oily skin, or dry skin. It would only take small amount of the natural lipids in your skin so that you will still maintain the natural oil that your face needs. Aside from soap, there is also liquid cleanser which is gentler in cleaning one’s skin. It may also help in improve the appearance of your skin and cure your other skin problems such as acne, seborrheic dermatitis in your face, rosacea, as well as skin rashes.

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