Bretman Rock on TikTok Type, Experimenting With Clothes, and His New MTV Clearly show

TikTok: Courtesy of @bretmanrock

“Good early morning, bitch!” If you stick to Bretman “Da Baddest” Rock on Instagram, you know this is how the Filipino-American social media star greets his followers each individual morning on his stories. Based in O’ahu, Hawaii, the 22-year-previous creator has additional than 15 million fans who tune in for his constant day by day content material, in which just about every day is a enjoyment-stuffed adventure. It’s possible today he’ll post a splendor tutorial, or a TikTok of him skateboarding or driving around in his golf cart. No matter what the scenario may be, Bretman has a bold vogue appear to go together with it, and is constantly positive to be dressed like a “baddie,” which he defines as “wearing whatsoever the f**k [you] want, no issue what other people imagine. It’s all about self confidence.” He is, “da baddest,” right after all. 

His assertion-producing style is always current on his TikTok webpage, in which has more than 8 million admirers and counting. There, Bretman amps up the looks, the place he’ll submit a TikTok finding all set in a Dior household coat, or putting on a Chanel scarf with a matching double-C brooch. Some times he’s into camo shirts and a bandana other days, he’ll rock a pleated skirt in comprehensive glam. He retains you guessing. Right after all, nobody grew to become TikTok-renowned by playing it risk-free. 

TikTok: Courtesy of @bretmanrock

Killer fashion aside, Bretman is a social media personality in the truest feeling. Candid and unfiltered, he has shared substantially of his daily daily life with his followers considering the fact that initial attaining fame on YouTube as a teenager. And now, Bretman is also allowing for viewers in via a new MTV actuality demonstrate that’s premiering on Monday. The series will abide by Bretman as he navigates his everyday vlog existence, new company ventures, and, in a natural way, drama amid his household and friends. It will show a “different side” of him, he tells Vogue

In anticipation of the show’s premiere, we caught up with Bretman down below to discuss about his TikTok type, what his existing wardrobe seems like, and what we can expect from his new display.