Aries (Born March 21 to 31) – 0 to 10 degrees Aries:

Saturn has been transiting your sector of self-expression, enjoyment, creativity, and romance for the past year and will do so for the rest of the year. Until June, your Sun (or Ascendant) is in an excellent trine partnership with this planet of realism, my todays horoscope giving you a real sense of overall solidity. You have the impression that you can handle just about anything that comes your way–and you are correct! Saturn’s energy is a little gloomy. You, Aries, may interpret it as “boring,” but you will undoubtedly value the assurance it provides.

It’s not the flashy kind of “choose me!” confidence–it’s a lot more grounded. However, Saturn’s help gives you a slight surge that is grounded in reality. It’s simpler to confront your duties now, and others around you can trust you. You’re getting your act together, and you exude an almost tangible sense of responsibility and dignity that will undoubtedly earn you some respect. If you have a creative pastime or a passion, now is the time to pursue it. For example, if you enjoy manufacturing jewelry, you may convert it into a profitable business during this time.

This is a financial power year for you, with Jupiter transiting your area of mutual finances, intimacy, and transformation. However, this is unlikely to be a year of large windfalls, and you might feel compelled to hunker down. It will be simpler than ever to do so with Saturn in your fifth house, especially in the first half of the year when it supports your Sun (or Ascendant). This is a perfect moment to pay off debt or apply for a much-needed loan. Other people’s help is now more accessible than ever.

Your aptitude (and desire) for greater degrees of experience is crucial when it comes to intimacy. It’s not enough to have superficial connections! This year, you have the opportunity to receive real happiness and pleasure from your friendships. It’s not just about getting more sexual contact–it’s getting closer. At the start of November, this will be especially true. This spiritual regeneration and introspection begin to direct outwards toward the end of the year as you strive to broaden your social circle with increased faith in your powers of attraction.

This year is ideal for overcoming any addictions or issues with your everyday health routines. In March, when Mercury is retrograde, and a lunar eclipse occurs in your job and health sector, work disruptions are possible. Something isn’t working, and you’ll have to work to make it work. It will be worth it in the long term, even if it involves disrupting your routine. In September, as Mars (your ruler) passes through your relationship sector, be on the lookout for conflicts in relationships. Impulsive decisions or harsh remarks can lead to a slew of issues, and you may feel out of control at this point. Flare-ups are likely to be brief, so keep a low profile. Neptune continues to make you aware of the importance of working in groups and as part of a team.

Your natural desire is to succeed on your own, but Neptune’s subtle lessons this year help you recognize the worth of working together. The world of your dreams is triggered as Uranus passes through your “secret” sector. This year, you may experience very revealing dreams, and you may discover that something you’ve been keeping hidden emerges unexpectedly.

Aries (Born April 1 to 10) – 10 to 20 degrees Aries:

Beginning in July this year, with Saturn supporting your Sun, New Year’s resolutions will be a lot simpler to keep (or Ascendant). You’ll be able to move forward more slowly but steadily if you have a higher sense of your worth and confidence in naturally expressing your creative self. The second part of the year is an excellent time to break old habits and establish a new routine or health regimen.

At the start of the year, Jupiter begins its transit through your area of mutual finances and intimacy. Last year, you may have discovered that your relationships were the most critical aspect of your life. You may have found a new companion or significantly improved your romantic life. This year, the emphasis is on boosting your fulfillment. It’s not about upping the number of sexual and intimate encounters. It’s all about quality and depth instead.

You will no longer be able to rely on superficial ties! Expect a soul-stirring pursuit of pleasure, and do everything you can to get the most out of your relationships. During this time, you may realize that you are no longer in debt or are no longer reliant on someone else for support. Alternatively, if you genuinely require assistance in the form of loans or financial backing, now may be the time to obtain it.