Hello, beauties,

Recently we were contacted by ANLAN, asking if we wanted to try their Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber. We are always willing to try new products/skin devices and lately, we have been very curious about this type of device. And the fact that ANLAN is a recognizable brand, made us feel safe and we decided to accept the challenge.

Although the device was shipped from China, and we live in Portugal, it took approximately one week to be in our hands. ANLAN was so kind because we receive two parcels, one for each of us.

The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is available in three different colors: white, green, and pink. And if you search for it online, you’ll see that’s available on different websites but the safest way is always to buy it directly from the brand (here).

The packaging is very pretty and has the perfect size to take it to travel with you. Inside it brings the ultrasonic scrubber, a charging wire, a manual, and a protective pouch in blue pastel color. It looks charming and aesthetic.

The ANLAN Ultrasonic Scrubber has 4 different functions: Ultrasonic Care, ION +, Ion – and EMS Massage. It can be a little overwhelming because, in the beginning, we don’t know what those functions are by just looking at the names, but to put it simply it cleanses, exfoliates, improve blood flow, and massage.

According to the manual, you should charge the device for 2 hours before using it, but sometimes it comes fully charged. The second step is to wipe down the spatula using a cotton pad or rinse with water. You should wipe the spatula every time you use it.

They recommend using the device once a day (if needed twice a day but for the same part of the skin make sure to wait at least 6 hours before), but NEVER more than 15 minutes for each time.

It’s also important to say that you should not use this device when you are on your period or if you are pregnant!

Before using the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is important to make sure your face is damp, or the scrubber may cause burns! This is an important step, and you can use water or your favorite tonic, for that!

This advice as mentioned before has 4 modes.

Ultrasonic: This is the cleansing mode. It uses the power of vibration at a high frequency of 24000 per second.

Ion +: This is the most anticipated mode for the majority. This is the mode that removes stubborn blackheads, exfoliates the skin removes dead cells, cleanses the pores, and removes the excess makeup and oil from the skin.

Ion –: This is the exclusive mode that differentiates this machine from the others. The Ion- mode, enhance the absorption of the skincare, helping with the nourishing side of the face; Also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

EMS massage: This massage renews the skin cells, leaving them firmer, smooth, and radiant. It also promotes the regeneration of collagen and enhances the restoration of the elasticity of the skin helping also reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How you should place the blade in the skin, according to the different modes:

As we said, we had the pleasure to receive two devices, one for each of us and because of that, we can give two opinions.

Joana’s Opinion

What I liked: The main thing that I liked was the tightness I felt after using all the modes of the device. My skin was more firm, more radiant, and clean. I think you can see it in the photos. This machine cleaned my face in a more profound way than just using a cleanser and gave me even more certainty that I don’t have a drop of oil in my face. I just saw something dirty on the spatula when I used it right after a workout when my skin was all sweaty. But that is not the fault of the machine, is just my skin. My favorite mode is the massage one after I realized that is better in slow motion.

What I didn´t like: The feeling of numbness and small shocks that the machine gives if you touch the metal on the sides. it doesn’t hurt but it is annoying. The buttons are very sensitive and it is easy to change the mode when that is not the intention.

Rita’s Opinion

What I liked: The device works and the proof is in the photos. You can see all the sebum and oil. I used the daily cleansing mode and even after that when I used the Ion +, it still took junk from my skin. Yikes! I do feel my skin cleaner after using this device and when I use the ION – mode, I feel that the cream is much more absorbed. I also notice my skin looking more firm and with a healthy look after using this mode.

What I didn’t like: I hate the noise (it reminds me of the dentist, uh!) and the Zaps are the worst! It hurts a lot and I feel the tingling in my hand after more minutes than it should! They say that’s normal but I don’t like it. The solution is not to touch the metal zone while you are using the EMS mode, but I can’t use this mode at all.

You can know more about this product and its prices on the ANLAN website (here). Don’t forget to check their coupons for discounts.

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