21 best subscription boxes for women: 2021’s top monthly picks

Now more than ever, the best part of the day is the walk down the driveway to the mailbox, awaiting a new package of your favorite things.

With the uptick in online shopping since the onset of the pandemic, a subscription box of your favorite items can brighten any day, and knowing you’ll be getting new goodies each month may even help to curb extra shopping to fill that retail void.

Plus, subscription boxes make recurring purchases that much easier, cutting out running to the store or worse, running out of essentials like pet food or hygiene products.

Take a look below for a box to fit any women’s tastes, from makeup and haircare to gardening and toasting the ladies with a glass of wine.

A black box of makeup products in a pink box with a pink ribbon
Glossy Box

Put your best face forward with new products every month to help.

Glossy Box offers five new makeup and skincare items each month, delivered on your terms right to your door. Plans start at $17.50 per month and can be purchased in a bundle of 12 months or paid for month-by-month for $21. There is always free shipping included, making this a budget-friendly option for the makeup lover in your life.

Best for skincare: FaceTory

A woman holds a white box with orange inside and a ton of beauty and skin products in the box

It’s your biggest organ, so you have to treat it right every month of the year.

We’re talking about your skin, and FaceTory is here to help nourish and pamper it with new salves, lotions and washes in each box. They have two different subscription plans to choose from, based on how many products you want and what type. Choose the 7 Lux Subscription if you want sheet masks and surprises, as the $19.90 per month box contains seven sheet masks and between one and two other fun surprises. The higher-end option is the Lux Plus Subscription, which comes with five to six skincare products and five to six sheet masks for $49.95 per season, billed every three months.

A pink box with a rainbow of nail polish tubes inside, a top coat and other nail items

Look down at your fingers right now, and if they are chipped or naked, you need this nail box ASAP.

From nail polish brand ORLY, the Color Pass membership is a great way to stay polished and painted all year round in the season’s trending colors. The membership includes four seasonal boxes with corresponding colors and products, sold at a 50% discount from retail prices. Choose to pay quarterly and each box comes to $35, or pay annually all at once for $107 with your first box free code “FIRSTBOXFREE.” Both boxes come with exclusive coupons as well, making this a must-have for all mani-lovers.

A pink and black box with "the locks box" on it and three blue tubes of hair product on top and two neon green products on either side

Lock in moisture and nourish your hair with The Locks Box hair care subscription box.

Sold at CrateJoy, The Locks Box is a one-stop-shop for discovering your next must-have brand, without having to commit to expensive full-sized bottles you may just toss out. This box contains travel-sized hair care products as well as other hair accessories and goodies like brushes and shower caps and ships four times a year. If you want to try it just once, there is also a non-renewable option, for a no-strings box of hair essentials. The box retails for $75 but costs you just $35 per shipment.

Best for clothing and fashion: Stitch Fix

A blue denim jackets with a heart and then four ways to style the jacket on the right panel
Stitch Fix

Is your wardrobe boring? We have a fix for that.

Stitch Fix offers a full range of clothing, shoes and accessories on a subscription model that doubles as a personal shopping experience as well.

“Tell us about your one-of-a-kind style, fit & price range in your quiz. We’ll curate pieces for you and listen to your feedback — so you always look and feel your best,” explains the site. “Try on pieces at home, buy favorites and send back the rest. A $20 Fix styling fee covers your stylist’s expertise and time — it gets credited toward anything you keep.”

Stitch Fix offers clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, from petite to plus-sized, big and tall to maternity. While you never have to sign up for automatic deliveries, if you want to subscribe, you can choose from the following time frames depending on your needs: every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month or every three months.

Best for short women: Petite Ave, use code NYP10OFF for 10% off your first shipment

A Petite Ave box, black booties, jeans, and a black fluffy coat on a pink background
Katie Cornett via Petite Ave

Raise your hand if you are 5’5” and under. Raise it again if your sleeves are always too long and your pants drag on the ground.

Fix fit issues with Petite Ave, the subscription shopping service for women five-foot-five and below. First, take a fully comprehensive style quiz to share what you like and don’t like and what items you most want. Then pay a $25 styling fee that will go toward what you choose to keep once your package arrives with five unique pieces all picked just for you. If there are items you don’t love, just send them back in a pre-paid package and wait for next month’s arrival.

As an added bonus, New York Post readers can enjoy 10% off their first box with the exclusive code NYP10OFF at checkout.

Best for underwear: Underclub

A woman uses the Underclub app on her phone

Shopping for panties can be a lot of work, and expensive too. Take the hassle out of shopping for this essential item and make it fun all in one with Underclub.

The luxury underwear club sends either one or two pairs of designer lingerie per shipment, using a style quiz to help them pick pairs you’ll love. The one-pair signature membership costs $15 or two pairs for $28, while the more luxurious Luxe Plan costs $21 for one item and $35 for two. The plans automatically renew, and members can choose to skip any month or cancel anytime should your undie drawer fill up too quickly.

A white box with a candle jar inside on a light orange background
Brooklyn Candle Studio

Candles are great but don’t wait for them to burn out while you burn out and get sick of their smell.

With a subscription to Brooklyn Candle Studio’s Candle of the Month Club, you’ll never get sick of a scent again, as you will receive timely, seasonal candles each month for just $25.

“Peonies in the spring, warm pumpkin in the fall, the aroma of woodland pines in the winter. For $25 a month, receive our recommended seasonal candle of the month, plus a matchbox to light your new flame,” explains the site.

The basic subscription with candle and matches costs $25 per month and the deluxe subscription, which includes a travel candle, costs $35.

A white purse with two gold necklaces on a white paper and a wave ring
Penny + Grace via Instagram

Have style and grace, with this jewelry from Penny + Grace.

The subscription-based jewelry company sells one-of-a-kind items from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings, all in your choice of metal and size. The subscription costs $29.99 and contains three pieces of jewelry in silver, gold or a mix of the two. The items are always valued at $80 at least and are shipped out in three to five business days from your first order. You can also choose to skip a month or cancel, should you decide you have too much stunning jewelry — if that’s even possible.

Best for shoes: JustFab

An array of white and nude shoes with heels, flats, sneakers and more all lined up
JustFab via Instagram

Forget diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend.

JustFab is a great option for shoe lovers who want to try new styles to match every outfit in their closet. Once signed up for a VIP membership, your first pair of shoes costs just $10. Every subsequent pair is 30% off retail price and counts toward points, which then counts toward more discounted and free pairs. If you don’t see a pair you want that month, just skip it between the first and fifth of the month and you won’t be charged. Even if you forget to skip, the $39.95 member fee will be charged, but it will stay in your account as a credit to use on a future pair.

Best for perfume: Scentbox

A black box with SCENTBOX on it and a pile of red and white flowers with a bottle of gold perfume

We smell the sweet scent of savings, do you?

Scentbox is a great subscription service to try if you love designer fragrances but don’t want to shell out for an entire bottle that you’ll get sick of later. The platform has over 850 designer scents to choose from, and at $14.95 per month for a 30-day supply, you won’t break the bank or get tired of your new perfume. Right now, save 35% off your first box, making the total price just $9.72 for a limited time.

Best for Disney fanatics: Walt Life

A purple box with an assortment of Disney items in front of it like a Mickey stuffed animal, gold Mickey ears and Minnie jelly beans
Walt Life

Make the happiest place on earth your very own home, with a Disney subscription box from Walt Life.

The Disney boxes come in a variety of options and can be tailored by age, gender and even fandom with a StarWars box available, too. Choose from four different subscription sizes, starting at $30.99 for the Classic Box with three or more surprise items, ranging all the way up to the $79.99 customizable Kingdom Box, with six or more items you can pick and choose.

Best for new moms: Bluum

Two little boys playing with pink Bluum boxes on the floor

The last thing you want to have to do as a new mom is spending time at the store trying to find your baby’s favorites. Bluum is here to help save time and money while bringing what baby wants right to your door.

The newborn-through-toddler service sends a monthly box of baby and parent essentials, all based on your individual child. Enter his or her birthday into the website and see which box they recommend, be it the pregnancy box for yet-to-be-born babes, or the toddler box for those who are already crawling around.

Each box has at least four full-size products that retail for more than $45, guaranteeing you a savings of both money and time spent shopping for your baby’s needs.

A trio of green plants in marble pots with gold writing

Keep 1-800-Flowers on speed dial, or at least have the website bookmarked for this great deal on new greenery each month.

The 1-800-Flowers.com Plant of the Month club is just that, a subscription service that sends you beautiful plants and decorative planters to your door as often as you’d like. For just $39.99 per delivery, choose to receive new plant babies every three, six or 12 months, making for a full indoor garden in no time.

A box and assortment of cat food and treats on the ground with a gray cat on a bench looking down at it all
Cat Person

If you’re a cat person, this one is self-explanatory.

Cat Person is a one-stop-shop for your kitty’s every need and can be delivered on a subscription basis to make it that much easier to care for your feline friend. Simply create your cat’s meal plan on the site, which not only saves time in the pet food aisle but 10% off on every order as well. Then every four weeks, new food will arrive so your bowl never goes empty and your kitty remains full and happy all month long.

Best for dog moms: BarkBox

A brown box with BARK BOX on it and an assortment of chew toys and treats

Treat woman’s best friend to new toys and treats each month, with a tail-wagging subscription to BarkBox.

The dog subscription box is filled to the brim with must-haves like squeaky toys, ropes, treats and snacks that are all pup-approved and made in the USA. Boxes start at at $23 per box but values at over $40, meaning you get a bang for your buck each time you bark. Each month’s box also follows a theme, so it’s fun for your fluffy friend and for you when it’s time to open the mailbox to see which treats you received.

Best for wine-os: Winc

Four bottles of wine and a Winc box sit outside a yellow door

Cheers, ladies.

Running to the liquor store is so last year, so why not indulge in a wine subscription and never let your cup run dry ever again. Winc is a great way to do just that, as each month you’ll receive hand-picked bottles based on a preference quiz, delivered to your door for just $39 for a three-bottle subscription. Each additional bottle is $13, so if you see something you need to try, add it to your cart with no need to wait for the following month.

A purple box in a forrest with gems and witchy items

Discover your inner goddess from home, with a witchy box from Goddess Provisions.

Sold on CrateJoy’s platform, the Goddess Provisions box is a top pick of 2020, and for good reason. Each box starts at just $27.75 per month and contains five to seven full-size products that retail for $80 to $100 each month. Items could include crystals, aromatherapy, vegan beauty, superfood snacks and tools for spiritual growth, and always include free shipping.

A pregnant woman holds her belly and an ice cream cone wearing a long dress in front of a fountain
Rent the Runway

For a body that’s growing rapidly each month, why buy brand new clothes that will go to waste when you can rent and feel stylish all pregnancy long?

Rent the Runway’s maternity section is an amazing service to use to keep up with fashion trends even if your size is changing week by week. Pick a plan that works for you starting at $69 per month, from a four-item per month plan, an eight-item plan and a 16-item plan for the fashionista. Keep the clothes as long as you like (and they fit your growing bump) and then send them back when you want to try something new.

Best for vitamins and supplements: Ritual

A woman's finger hold two pills and a blue text bubble has a list of what ingredients are in the pill
Ritual via Instagram

Make taking care of yourself part of your daily ritual, with a subscription service that makes it easy.

Ritual is an online vitamin and supplement company that has a section just for women and what they need. Choose the 18+ option for women right out of high school, or the 50+ option for those in the second half of their long lives. They also have multivitamins for both prenatal and postnatal care, keeping you and your child healthy every step of the way. Once you’ve added your favorites to your cart, they will automatically renew every month, or you can opt to change or cancel at no penalty to you.

Best for making periods easier: Cora

An array of nude-colored period care products from Cora on a peach background
Sean Funcik Photography

For those that get a period, they sure can suck. Period.

Make your time of the month that much easier, with Cora period products delivered to you before it’s too late and you need to make the dreaded sprint to the corner store to restock. Starting at just $2 per month, Cora’s tampons, pads and liners are all made of organic cotton for a sustainable and soft feel, and their menstrual cups are made of premium silicone. Once you fill your cart, receive a three-month supply of your essentials on your first order, plus a free signature kit with a vegan black leather carrying clutch and box to store your period products in style.