What “Making Magic” Means to Us – Anice Jewellery

What "Making Magic" Means to Us
– Anice Jewellery

Let’s Make Magic: It’s painted across our Instagram and sprawled across our walls; some days we toss it around with more reckless abandon than glitter! But what does “making magic” really mean to us? It’s more than just a slogan or a brand; it’s an idea, an invitation, a possibility. In short, it begins and ends with you.


To us, making magic embodies that warm, frothy feeling that fills our chests when a customer comes in with something broken and goes out with something whole. By this, we do not mean just jewellery. Sure, we can replace lost stones or repair a broken chain; but so often we find that when our every-day necklace snaps or we lose a favourite earring, it can feel as though we’ve lost so much more than just a thing.


Jewellery (in our world, at least) is a part of who we are. It is the art we choose to lay across our skin to announce to the world “here I am, this is me”. It can be a way to carry what we need: labradorite on a hard day or citrine when we’re craving the sun. It can be fun and playful or something that is steady and routine, a go-to. So often, our jewellery is steeped in the meanings or memories that we choose to give to it. Sometimes, wrapping our wrists in moonstones can serve as gentle reminder of us just how much power we hold. When that necklace breaks or that earring hides, it can feel like we’ve lost a little piece of ourselves. It can feel like a link has broken in what was once whole.  


This is even more true when our pieces are living legacies to those who have passed. A grandfather’s watch, a mother’s engagement ring, a bracelet from your best friend – when significant people in our lives are no longer with us, their favourite jewellery can feel extra charged. It can be a powerful comfort to stay connected to them through the treasures that they wore and loved. If we think of the peaks and valleys of their time in this world, the pieces they carried with them through it all have so much life soaked in them. By reviving their jewellery, we just may find that we can keep their memory alive too.


This is how Anice first began: as a dream to bring new love to old treasures, to breathe life into things that may have been forgotten or overlooked, the things that may have grown dusty with many years and layers of life. Because those years and layers can wear on us. This life isn’t always easy and sometimes it can leave us feeling wilted or buried. But when we take a moment to sweep off that dust, we find that there is always an abundance of beauty and good to work with, it might just need to take new form. For us, it’s about gratitude for what we have. It’s about gathering the pieces of where we are and making something beautiful from it.


Whether it is a reminder to yourself, a story, or a life that you want carry with you, the part of yourself that you bring to us is why we do what we do. We are always humbled and grateful when you come to us with these pieces that you hold so close. We are humbled and grateful that you trust our hands to handle not just the jewels but the stories they carry with the soft that they deserve. We are humbled and grateful that you choose us to bring your dreams to life.


To put it simply, each day with you leaves us full. So, this is our why. This is the thing that tugs us from bed each morning and draws us into 102 Ossington. This is the reason we’re here, why we do what we do. This is Making Magic. This is Old Treasures, New Love.


With love,



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