The nail trends in 2021 – the trendiest colors and patterns

Just as in the case of makeup, the trends in nail styling tend to change quite dynamically. If you are wondering how to paint them in 2021, here comes our ranking of the most fashionable colors!

A lot has changed in nail trends since the pandemic has started. Playful colors and styling that doesn’t require a lot of work – that’s what we were going for in 2020. It seems that in 2021 these trends will continue, leaving us a lot of space for experimenting and embracing imperfection. 

You could ask: why even bother with nail polish if most of the time we stay at home? Well, the answer is the same as in the case of wearing makeup and dressing up in regular clothes. Maintaining these routines from before the pandemic helps with keeping good mental health and makes us feel better. 

So, let’s take a look at the best trends of 2021 when it comes to nail styling. Forget about boring nude! It’s the bold colors that are on the top now.

Green nails

In the last two years, we have seen the great comeback of green in the field of interior design. Now, it’s also fashionable to have it on our nails too! What shades of green to choose? We’d go for the forest green and other dark shades as well as fern, sage, and basil. If you want a bold effect, consider applying some golden details.

Animal prints

Zebra, leopard, tiger – all variants allowed! Remember, however, not to go for a total animal look. Instead, it’s better to mix the patterns with some white or black.


This complex shade of gray has been popular in the clothing industry lately. It goes well with literally everything. Similar to trendy baby blue, it’s easier to combine with other colors.

The new French manicure

Were you convinced it’s passé? Not really – in 2020, the French manicure has come back to the scene, promoted by various style icons. It is not, however, the same styling we remember from more than a decade ago. Now, it comes with a twist. The white lines are not supposed to imitate the natural edges of the nail. They should be bold, divided, or doubled. To be the trendiest in the room, go for the double-tipped variant! 

Different colors

All configurations welcome – the best would be to mix within one pallet, such as pastel or fluo. However, don’t be afraid to put two or three contrasting colors together.

Would you like to experiment and give your nails a treatment at the same time? Try the nail set that comes with all the necessary elements. It’s a nice way to introduce new styling and let your creativity flow. Will be great as a present, too!