The Jewels You Need This Holiday Season – Anice Jewellery

The Jewels You Need This Holiday Season
– Anice Jewellery

Dear JB’s,

As we welcome the holiday season, we welcome holiday parties, events, and the expectation to be just a litttttttle more fancy than your average look would entail. We’re here to help you figure out which jewels you need to be rocking all season long. 


Party pieces

It’s no secret – we’re suckers for glitter, pops of colour and anything with a little extra sparkle.

The holiday season is the perfect excuse to pile on everything you might think twice about wearing on an average day – unless you’re like us and can always find an excuse add some sparkle.

Our absolute favourite piece of the season is our tassel earrings. The statement piece is as unique as it is fun, and we’re creating these babies custom in ALL. THE. COLOURS.

Pair your tassels with a holiday collar and you will be set to party your way through Christmas, right into the new year!


Delicate Details

As much as we love a statement piece, we’re just as in love with delicate details that work with just about any look.

One of our favourite delicate jewels? The dainty y necklace that adds a beautiful hint of sparkle to that plunging neckline.

For this holiday, we encourage you to try this styling trick: a matching pantsuit with an oversized blazer that has a plunging neckline (we recommend stickies or a lace bralette) paired with a delicate y necklace that draws everyone’s focused to the details of this look.

Classy, Sexy. and Jewel focused. Always.


Personalized Stacking Rings forever

If you’re a girl after our own heart, then your ring game is always strong. This holiday, we’re focused on rings that are delicate, beautiful, and personalized with your birthstone – because the details are everything.

Often, the bigger the better when it comes to our fave rings. But what about when you have on a statement piece, a glittery dress, and you just want a little something extra to complete the look? Cue stacking rings.

We’ve been obsessing over stacking rings for many years now. Hammered, rope, you name it. Now add a birthstone stacker to the mix. These sweet little rings are made to personalize your look and be unique to you. Because you’re unique and beautiful, and your ring game should follow suit.


The Anice Jewel team 

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