The 9 Best Amazon Handmade Prime Day Deals to Shop Before the Sale Ends Tonight

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What’s the most unique thing you own? Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or home decor item, the products we can’t stop raving about to friends and family are often carefully designed and handmade by artisans. You can find lots of them through Amazon Handmade, and in celebration of Amazon Prime Day (which wraps up tonight at midnight PST), members have exclusive discounts on just about everything in the marketplace.

Traditionally, Amazon’s biggest sale has been about well-known brands, like Lodge and Shark. But members can now opt to shop small by exploring more than 2,000 products on Amazon Handmade, where discounts are now up to 20% off. To help you fill your cart, we’ve explored all Handmade categories and uncovered the best products to buy before Prime Day ends tonight.

If you love dainty jewelry, you won’t want to miss this pair of studs that has more than 1,000 reviews from shoppers. If you enjoy reinvigorating beauty and skincare, check out this body scrub. Or you can shop for your pet by picking up this wooden leash holder. And that’s just some of the handmade products you’ll discover below.

Keep in mind, these items are sold in limited quantities, so products from the Amazon Handmade member-exclusive sale might sell out before Prime Day ends tonight. Keep scrolling to shop.

Courtesy of Amazon

Mojo Spa Make Me a Morning Person Face & Body Scrub

The name of this scrub says it all. It has notes of peppermint, rosemary, and lavender, and you can use it during your morning shower to wake up and refresh your skin for the day. Shoppers attest that the scrub, currently $6 off, really is gentle enough to use on your face as well as your body.

Buy It: Mojo Spa Make Me a Morning Person Face & Body Scrub, $19 (originally $25), Amazon

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Joseph Brothers 925 Little Bird Studs

Add these rose gold-plated sterling silver earrings to your rotation of dainty studs. They’re currently on sale for $10 for Prime Day, and you can keep the little birdies for yourself or give them as a gift.

Buy It: Joseph Brothers 925 Little Bird Studs, $10 (originally $12), Amazon

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YangYang Designs You Look Amazing Mirror Decal

Embrace the concept of “no bad days” by adding this decal to any mirror in your home. The maker suggests adding it to a bathroom mirror, but we think a mirror in your entryway that you pass before heading out the door would work just as well.

Buy It: YangYang Designs You Look Amazing Mirror Decal, $10 (originally $12), Amazon

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UncleDIY Black Genuine Leather Bag

This black handcrafted shoulder bag manages to be both trendy thanks to its shape and timeless thanks to its leather material, which is designed to age well, according to the artisan. Scoop up this deal by tonight to save $18-the biggest price drop on this list.

Buy It: UncleDIY Black Genuine Leather Bag, $90 (originally $108), Amazon

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G3 Studios Dog Leash Holder

This wood leash storage is handcrafted from cherry wood, and the paw is laser-engraved into the board. It’s on sale for $35 for Prime Day, and shoppers praise its quality and simplicity.

Buy It: G3 Studios Dog Leash Holder, $35 (originally $42), Amazon

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Elvina Craft Beauty Definition Cosmetic Bag

Keep your makeup on hand while you’re on the go with this linen makeup bag inked with a positive message on the front. Measuring 9 x 6.8 inches, the cosmetic bag is on sale for $13 and would make a great gift for friends or family members.

Buy It: Elvina Craft Beauty Definition Cosmetic Bag, $13 (originally $16), Amazon

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The Herbal Zen Sleepytime Shower Steamer

Turn an evening shower into an even more relaxing pre-bedtime experience with these shower steamers. Similar to a bath bomb, a shower steamer releases essential oils-all you have to do is breathe deeply. Each package includes 10 steamers, and they’re on sale for $21 today.

Buy It: The Herbal Zen Sleepytime Shower Steamer, $21 (originally $25), Amazon

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Sweet Water Decor Weekend Candle

The best days of the week are undoubtedly Saturday and Sunday, and this aptly named candle by Sweet Water Decor has turned the weekend into a scent. The candle is infused with notes of citrus, amber, sage, and more, and it’s $24 in honor of Prime Day.

Buy It: Sweet Water Decor Weekend Candle, $24 (originally $29), Amazon

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MotivatedWallArt Austin Map

This brand makes maps for so many cities, including New York, San Antonio, Dallas, Rome, and more. All maps are printed on 8 x 10-inch paper with a glossy finish and they’re only $14 today. They’re a sweet way to honor your favorite city or hometown.

Buy It: MotivatedWallArt Austin Map, $14 (originally $17), Amazon