Satisfy Saint Louis Style Fund’s New CEO: Monique Levy | Design and style

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Saint Louis Style Fund – the Gateway City’s voice of fashion – has a new experience: Monique Levy. The not long ago named CEO arrived just in time for the SLFF’s changeover into its new Grand Centre headquarters at 3333 Washington Ave. LN spoke with Levy about her eyesight for the fund’s long run and her alternate feeling of design – from band T-shirts to overcome boots.

What drew you to the Saint Louis Style Fund?

I seriously believe in St. Louis as an outsider. I’m initially from Jacksonville, Florida, attended University of Florida undergrad and went to [St. Thomas School of Law in Miami] in advance of getting into the nonprofit entire world I’m in now. My husband, Jonathan, who is from St. Louis and is an artist at Sophie’s Artist Lounge, moved to St. Louis four many years in the past to raise our daughter, Rebecca, who is 4. So I have an attention-grabbing standpoint, and I consider St. Louis has a good deal of potential to compete in the trend and producing market. I want to enable the fund show the earth nationally and globally what St. Louis has to present.

Describe your own design.

You will ordinarily catch me in a blazer, jeans, booties and a band T-shirt – 9 Inch Nails, Beck, Loss of life Cab for Cutie, Blink-182, 311 or Rancid – nevertheless my favorite band is Korn. I love vogue. I deal with manner like a large amount of folks treat artwork – to me, it is an artwork variety. So the fund is an opportunity for me to personally tie a thing I adore in with anything I’m superior at.

What is your vision for the SLFF’s long term?