Sassy Jones — Helping Women Feel Undeniably Confident

Accessorize Your Fall Fashion with Sassy Jones Boutique!

Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that confidence matters as much as competence to succeed. 

For years, we women have kept our heads down and played by the rules. We’ve been confident that our natural talents will be recognized and rewarded with enough hard work.

Unquestionably, we’ve made progress. Women now acquire more college and graduate degrees than men in the US. We are bridging the middle management gap and making up half of the workforce. Numerous international studies, including those by Goldman Sachs and Columbia University, have shown that businesses with a high proportion of female employees outperform their rivals in terms of profitability.

Never before has our expertise been more apparent. The world is changing in favor of women, according to those who regularly monitor society’s changing values. Yet despite our hard work, the males around us kept receiving promotions and pay raises more quickly. The statistics are well known: women are little represented at the top, and our numbers are scarcely growing. It has been fifty years since women first pried open boardroom doors. Our job paths still differ significantly from those of men.

Sassy Jones is one such enterprise that has helped many women across the globe to not only feel good with their specific styling sense but instead has been growing and evolving with changing fashion trends to keep their clients in the top line with the global fashion trends. 

Sassy Jones is a global fashion and beauty brand that sells confidence—inspiring you to show up bolder than ever. E-commerce, flagship store opening in Richmond, Virginia, clothing design, ready-to-wear, Jewelry/accessories and beauty, and robust online community. 

Sassy Jones, the nation’s fastest-growing privately held retailer, is led by Charis Jones, its chief designer (Inc 5000). She is a self-taught designer who blends grit and glitter to inspire bold people worldwide to embrace their talents and defy expectations.

Her brand has astounded the business and fashion sectors under her leadership and vision, climbing to the 24th rank on the Inc. 5000 list and being recognized by Forbes as CEO of the top 25 small firms that survived the epidemic.

Sassy Jones launched her brand in 2013 with the help of three things: her minivan, her dining room, and an unwavering ambition to change the world. After experiencing a lot of anxiety, she could amass enough cash and courage to exhibit her goods at a nearby trade exhibition.

Three years later, Sassy Jones has thousands of customers worldwide who purchase there electronically, in-person, and who tune in each week on Wednesday night to engage with them live on Facebook.

The mission of Sassy Jones is to empower women to radiate their light everywhere they go and feel unquestionably secure about who they are. The only person or thing that can stop you is you.

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