Reviewed: Why Style Women Like Frigg and Undefined Splendor

Kimberly, what do you like about Undefined Magnificence?

KD: The elixir is actually impressive. I assume what I love about her components, in typical, is that it is seriously scented with this awesome, gorgeous rose scent. Rosehip is a popular component throughout her goods. And seeing Dorian tap into plant magic while she’s also in this undefined space that is limitless. Her company model is unique in the perception that she also has her Undefined retailer, the place she carries completely Black, brown, and LGBTQ founders. She’s bringing all these models to the desk and marketing them alongside one another, and I truly really like which is what her brand name represents—it’s neighborhood and accessibility mainly because her goods are also priced truly properly.

Dorian, what do you appreciate about Frigg?

DM: I love that Frigg is definitely focused on worry. We’re all suffering from superior amounts of anxiety, and she’s seriously creating methods close to it. I also like that she’s just a highly effective, badass female, and she understands cannabis, which is significant. My preferred solution of hers is actually the hair oil. As you can see, I have a whole lot of hair, which is pretty dry, so the hair oil is fantastic both equally for my scalp due to the fact I think that balanced hair starts off with a nutritious scalp, and her scalp oil is tremendous nourishing, super hydrating, and a great basis builder for your scalp.

There’s a large amount of synergy among Frigg, who is a Viking goddess, and Artemis, who is the Greek goddess of the forest. We were being in Joshua Tree for this photo shoot and Kimberly’s birthday, and I’m truly into tarot. The goddesses were pulled, and Artemis came up, and we had been like, “Hold out a minute. My collection that’s concentrated on mushrooms and her brand name are in fact genuinely equivalent in phrases of this woman empowerment and goddess story,” and we were being like, “There are some synergies there.” I’m extremely into spirituality. I believe the universe, in multiple methods, was guaranteeing me and Kimberly became friends.