Muay Thai fitness program in Thailand and shopping list

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Are you attending a Muay Thai training camp to become a fitness expert or improve your health? Proper preparation is necessary to engage in active Muay Thai training.  

Every trainee needs the right mindset and also the right sportswear to carry out effective Muay Thai training program. This article will help you form a shopping list when preparing to register in a Muay Thai camp. Here’s a list of Muay Thai sportswear you need to get into the training ring. 

1.    Hand Wraps  

Hand wraps have a place in your Muay Thai shopping bag because they help protect your knuckles and wrists when punching. Hand wraps add strength to your sparring, punching, and fighting.  

 It is a great idea to have a few pairs of hand cloth or wraps when training, especially if you sweat a lot or need to make changes. 

2.   Boxing Gloves  

Your Muay Thai training bag is not complete without boxing gloves to protect your hands as you fight. Although boxing gloves are often available in Muay Thai gyms, you need to get the gloves you don’t share with anyone.  

Get a pair of boxing gloves, which makes it easy to move your hands and also protects you when sparring. A lighter pair of gloves is always better so that you don’t struggle with weight. 

3.    Head Gear 

 When training in a Muay Thai camp for fitness program, safety is paramount, and covering your head is one of such safety tips. Novice fighters and experts need headgear to protect them from concussions when they fight. When you start throwing punches, protecting your head is very vital. 

4.   Mouth Guard  

Mouthguards are affordable and effective in protecting your teeth from being broken or chipped. 

A dentist can fit a mouthguard to your size, and you can fix them before fights to ensure that your training goes incident-free.  

5.   Shin Guards  

If you care about your shin, you must get shin guards to protect you and your partner from injury and hurt. 

As a beginner, you need shin guards to protect you from injury while you develop precision in your moves and kicks. 

It is a great idea to get Muay Thai Shin Guards designed in several sizes that offer you comfort and flexibility. 

6.   Knee and Elbow Pads  

When sparring in a Muay Thai gym, you are bound to use your elbows and knees a lot. In some cases, your elbows and knees might come in contact with the bones of your partner. When bones hit each other, it can be painful for both parties involved. 

7.   Muay Thai Shorts  

Muay Thai shorts go hand-in-hand with Muay Thai training. In camps for fitness program across the world, especially in Thailand, traditional Muay Thai shorts form have a unique design that makes them stand out. 

Muay Thai shorts have enough room for your legs to ensure that you can kick and move about freely. 

You can purchase Muay Thai shorts online or in a Muay Thai training gym in Thailand.