Miracles of Saint Mary Magdalene De Pazzi


Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi was endowed with many Heavenly gifts. She was able to foretell the future. She told Alexander de Medici that he would be Pope but that he would have a short reign. His papacy lasted twenty-six days!

Sometimes a gift and other times a cross, Mary Magdalen was granted the Grace to read men’s hearts.

Many witnesses attested she bi-located, appearing to different people in different places at the very same moment.

The Lord made her an instrument of healing and many were healed through her prayers and intercessions.

Her ecstasies came more and more frequently. There were those times, when she was experiencing heavenly rapture, when her body would become taut and remain stiff, almost lifeless like rigor mortis had set in. Then there were those other times when the sisters were completely unaware anything was happening. How could they know, she was communicating with Jesus and possibly one of His Heavenly Court; as Sister Mary Magdalen went about her daily duties.

There were occasions when they could tell she was sharing in the Passion of Our Lord Jesus, the agony plainly revealed on her face and body. She looked like one of the women of Jerusalem who followed Jesus and wept. At other times, Sister Mary Magdalen could have been Veronica boldly going past the centurions and wiping her Lord’s bleeding Face. Then there were those times when she evidenced excruciating pain, her face and eyes filled with horror and unbearable grief. Was she standing beneath the Cross beside Mother Mary as her Son took His Last Breath; was she crying out for Mary, who dared not weaken that those around her would be strong? Was she like her namesake, Mary Magdalen who had wiped His Feet with her tears and now was prostrate at those same Precious Feet? Whatever part she may have been reenacting in the Passion, it was obvious she was there with her Lord and His Pain.

And then there were those times, when they thought they would lose her; only the weight of her body kept her from soaring up to Heaven. She looked as if she did not want to come back. She later shared with the sisters (under obedience to her Superior) that she was ecstatically engaged in conversation with her Spouse Jesus, at other times with Mother Mary, and then those joyful times with Jesus’ Heavenly Army of Angels. Was she seeing Our Lord, the Lord of Easter Sunday, He Who had risen? Was He standing at the gates of Heaven and she wanted in? All they knew, she was not with them, and they did not know if it was the kindest thing to do to pray she not leave them.

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