It seems like everywhere you look these days, there’s yet another “laser” facial treatment promising to make you look younger. Yet there are alternatives to painful and invasive laser technology, and one such up and coming technology is called “micro-current”. It uses a very tiny current (in the millionth of an amp) which the client hardly feels, and does the face and body a whole world of good.

In today’s world of “bigger is better” and “no pain no gain” mentality, micro-current facial rejuvenation offers an alternative to painful resurfacing treatments. A micro-current facelift is actually very soothing, and has the potential to boost collagen and elastin production, lift and firms sagging facial muscles, and restore youthful glow to the skin. It also feeds the body a wavelength of current that supports overall health and well-being to the cells. Clients say they not only look younger and less tired, but report better sleep, clear sinuses, loss of headaches and jaw pain, and balanced energy. A typical laser treatment can leave you read and swollen, in pain for days, and often causes short or long term hyper pigmentation or capillary damage. All this in the name of achieving a more youthful appearance! Yikes!

Though some laser techniques can lessen wrinkles, if you’ve ever seen someone who’s had lots of laser done, you’ll have to admit they don’t look natural! Their appearance is plastic-looking, as if they’ve been blasted one too many times. A micro-current facelift will give you a natural appearance, just like a younger, better you! And though micro-current is relatively still unknown in the anti-aging field, it’s a relief to know there are natural, healthy forms of technology available that can take 20 years off your face AND leave you feeling energized, and eager for your next treatment.

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