Martial Arts & Self Defense – Defending Yourself Against a Wall Pin Attack


Most martial arts and self defense students are taught how to defend against things like punches, grabs, kicks, and even weapon attacks. But, what about attacks, like a wall pin – where he has you shoved up and pinned against a wall, car, or other obstacle – where your attacker is using your surroundings as an aid for his assault?

While this article cannot teach you everything you need to know to escape from the exact attack you might find yourself in, it does offer some very powerful strategies and tactics that you can use to turn the tables on him during one of these very dangerous attack-types. So, if this is something that you think is important to add to your toolbox of techniques, then read on.

If not, then this article is definitely not for you.

I’ll assume that, if you’re still reading, you want to learn how to deal with this very common type of attack.

And, before I go into describing some of the strategies and tactics that I want to give you for surviving a wall-pin attack, I want to talk about something else that you must never forget. Okay?

That thing is this. You can never forget that a self defense situation is never like class training? What that means is that, many of the “invisible aspects” of your class – things like:

1) Speed
2) Timing
3) Intensity
4) Your partner’s intention to really damage you, and even…
5) The large, open space of the training area

Will usually be EXACTLY OPPOSITE from what you are used to!

You must be very mindful of these realities which exist in the world of self defense, but typically are not an issue in the realm of sport karate and mixed martial arts. Make sure that, if you are serious about really learning to defend yourself, that your training reflects these realities.

What does this have to do with the topic of this article?

Good question.

And the answer is… EVERYTHING!

Your attacker is not an idiot. He will do everything he can to make sure that he has the greatest advantage in the situation. He is there to win, not to see which of you is the better fighter!

And, that’s where the wall pin comes in.

This is where your attacker grabs or shoves you in some way, and shoves you face-first or backwards, against a wall, and then proceeds to lay his body weight into you to make sure that you can’t go anywhere.

In this moment, you must think outside the box if you’re going to escape effectively and turn things around.

That being said, here are a few strategies and tactics that can be used to get out of this dangerous type of situation:

1) Use the wall itself for leverage. Apply leverage against the stability of the wall to increase your own strength and shove your assailant back. This could provide you with a complete escape on one extreme, to just enough space on the other, to be able to get a punch or kick in against him.

2) Move laterally ALONG the wall. Remember that he is pushing you “into” the wall. If you can remember that he doesn’t have you caged on all sides, you can use the openings to your left and right as escape avenues. Then, once free, you can apply your conventional punching, kicking, or grappling skills.

3) Use deception. When you hit the wall, using your best breakfall and receiving skills to minimize damage, act as though the impact was much worse than it really is. Relax as though you have been dazed or knocked unconscious. Then, when he adjusts to your apparent condition, and the fact that he now has to hold up your dead weight, explode into action and take the fight to him!

Remember that effective self defense takes into account that you WILL be the underdog – that your attacker will have the upper hand – and that, it WON’T be “fair.” So, you must get over the sick sense of “fair-play” and flat-out wrong information that is being passed around as self defense by poor instructors with absolutely no real-world experience!

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