I Reviewed the Hanacure Face Mask With Before and After Pics in 2021

Rarely do viral beauty products deserve the 15 minutes of fame they get, but this viral skin-tightening face mask (you know, the one every single celebrity has taken selfies with over the years) is honestly one of the few exceptions. I did my first Hanacure review when everyone else did: Immediately upon seeing Drew Barrymore’s Instagram of it in February 2017. It had all the makings of an intriguing beauty product: seemingly instant results, selfie-worthy effects, and celebrity fans. So I got my hands on one, tried it, and could confirm that it was a whole lotta fun. But as a youthful 20-something with tight, smooth skin I took for granted, I didn’t really notice any of the supposed skin benefits afterward.

But now, it’s been four-and-a-half years since, and I am older and wiser (and have the fine lines to show for it), so I decided to give the still-viral Hanacure mask another shot and put it to the test on my very tired, very dehydrated face the morning after a wedding. Below, my 2021 Hanacure review, plus answers to all the questions you probably have if you still, somehow, haven’t given the mask a try for yourself.

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What are the ingredients in Hanacure?

The ingredients in this alcohol- and fragrance-free formula (!) check out, so I knew I’d like it before I even tried it. You can nerd-out over the full list of ingredients on product-breakdown sites like INCIDecoder, but in short, it’s packed with botanical extracts (like green tea leaf extract and lotus seed extract) and peptides, all of which work together to moisturize and soothe skin, plump fine lines, refine pores, and even out your skin tone.

But the ~secret sauce~ is the CO2 OctoLift technology, which is what creates that shrinking sensation the mask is so famous for. When you mix the Octolift Ampoule with the Octolift Solution and shake it all together, you create a gel consistency called the Purifying Compound that tightens on your skin as it dries does its thing.

What does Hanacure actually do?

Okay, so according to the brand, Hanacure is supposed to “remove impurities” so your skin can better absorb all of the product’s the skin-loving ingredients. And listen: I was skeptical. Your body does a great job of removing impurities all on its own, and I didn’t think a mask was going to magically make my face look brighter and healthier. But consider me convinced, because I straight-up documented my experience with photos as proof, and this mask 100 percent made my skin texture feel softer and smoother afterwards.

hanacure review

Brooke Shunatona

How often do you need to use Hanacure?

I saw results from just one application of this face mask, but the instructions say to use it once or twice a week until you get the results you want, then slow it down to a couple times a month or as needed. The day after I used the mask, my skin still felt soft and smooth, but the plumping effects had waned. As is the case with most products, continued use will give the best results, so I’ll keep using it for the next few months and inevitably track my progress because you just can’t help but take selfies with this stuff on.

Is Hanacure facial for real?

Yes, the creepy photos of the process are definitely real. If you try it and don’t see or feel the (somewhat bizarre) tightening effect, then ya probably did something wrong when mixing it up (hi, read instructions).

But! The value of a face mask is more than just the photos you get out of it. To determine how likely I am to recommend Hanacure and continue using it (the true test of a good face mask), I broke down my review into three categories: how fun it is to use, how effective it is, and how affordable it is. Enjoy.

My Hanacure review and ratings:

Entertainment: 10/10

Let’s be honest, if a mask isn’t fun, you’re not gonna use it, but this multi-sensory adventure is like the Disney World of face masks. I give it a 10/10 for the whole experience, because once that ampoule pops, the fun don’t stop. It’s mesmerizing to watch and feel your skin gradually transform from dewy and comfortable to seemingly dry and cracked, but it’s just as fun to whip up each batch like a little science project. And! You can amplify the effects by fanning your face while it dries, which, let me tell ya, is quite thrilling.

Effectiveness: 9/10

You know the instant relief you get when unbuttoning tight jeans at the end of the day? Yeah, it’s like that, but on your face, since the tightening sensation rinses away along with the mask. After cleansing, my skin felt immediately firmer and softer, and also looked shinier and smoother after a single use. My smile lines were less noticeable, but the smaller pore size and smoothness on my forehead and brow area really sold me.

As for my hyperpigmentation and melasma? Meh. Nothin’. I’ve been trying to get rid of dark spots for seven years now, so one 20-minute mask wasn’t gonna perform miracles, but my face did look a bit brighter overall. The results were more drastic up close (see below for my before-and-after pictures), but in person, you could tell the difference from a distance, too.

hanacure review

The before-and-after photos taken farther away didn’t do it justice, but here’s a close-up that does. This is my dehydrated, Botox-free forehead the morning after a wedding.

Brooke Shunatona

hanacure review

…and here’s my forehead just 30 minutes later. This photo was taken in the same bathroom with the same lighting and no editing (if I had edited it, trust, I’d make myself look a lot better than this). The only difference is one application of Hanacure in between. Magic, I tell ya!

Brooke Shunatona

Price: 6/10

Now let’s address the somewhat expensive elephant in the room. The cheapest option is to order the starter set, which comes with one mask and a reusable applicator for $29—much higher than your typical one-and-done face mask. If you already have the brush, you can order mask replenishments for either $100 (which gets you four masks) or $200 (which gets you eight masks). All that to say, “affordable” it is not. But is it reasonably priced for how fun, effective, and luxurious it is? I’d say so. Still, if you’d rather not wash $30 down the drain in one go, try one of these other masks we also love instead.

Is Hanacure worth the money?

Here’s the truth: I did see immediate results from the Hanacure All-in-One Facial, so it’s definitely not a waste of money (and it’s much cheaper than an actual facial), but it’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to spend on a single-use mask. I will say though—you get a ton of product, and one concoction is enough to cover your face, chest, neck, hands, and still have some left over, so it’s a bit more than “just” a face mask.

As for me, if something’s going to tack on another 30 minutes and 30 dollars to my already extensive and expensive skincare routine, it’s gotta check all the boxes, and IMO, this one does. So am I willing to treat myself once in a while, especially for the skin benefits? Honestly, yeah—especially when it’s still cheaper and easier than dragging my lazy self to a spa.

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