How To Choose A Dress For Your Special Day!

How to choose a wedding dress for your special day - Tina Valerdi

A wedding dress should express modesty and restraint. But many brides forget about this, and try to expose more and more intimate parts of their bodies. Those who honor the traditions of their ancestors choose wedding dresses with long sleeves. These are the outfits that brides wore several centuries ago.

Kate Middleton brought back the fashion for long-sleeved wedding dresses after choosing a delicate dress with lace sleeves for her wedding ceremony. Future brides are ready to imitate celebrities, not only because such a dress looks very feminine, but also because of the irreplaceable advantages of this dress. If the ceremony is scheduled for the winter, then why not become the snow queen? Of course, you can wear a bolero or a fur cape, but then you can hardly pay tribute to fashion.

If the shoulders are too narrow, openwork sleeves on the bride’s dress will help . In the same way, you can hide the excessive fullness of the arms. A long sleeve dress will be a real lifesaver for a bride with tattoos or scars on her arms. The classic style of a wedding dress involves a long sleeve, a fluffy skirt and a V-neck. Such an outfit will visually stretch the neck, will look elegant and harmonious. This dress will suit fans of classic models.

Short, fragile girls can choose a straight wedding dress with long sleeves. A guipure dress will look good on dark skin. A dress of this style will make the girl taller and slimmer.

A dress with a one-piece sleeve will help balance wide hips. Also, this style of sleeves will suit the owners of too massive shoulders, the arms will look slimmer and more graceful. However, you should not wear this dress for girls with a round face and too full shoulders, otherwise this type of figure will look even more voluminous.

A raglan sleeve dress is suitable for women with pronounced rounded shapes. A full lady will wear such a dress with pleasure, as it does not hinder movement. An interesting cut makes the whole look light and airy. In cold weather , a dress with raglan sleeves in a knitted version will surround its mistress with comfort and warmth.

The batwing sleeve dress can adjust any figure. It is better for girls with lush hips to choose a dress with a long drapery; happy owners of beautiful breasts should wear a dress with a deep neckline. A reflection of the business style will be a sheath dress with sleeves for obese women. The colors of such dresses should be calm tones. A large cage will help to hide the excess volume , and in order to stretch the silhouette, it is better to choose a dress with a vertical strip.

Fashionable length dresses with sleeves

At the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row, mini dresses with long sleeves. The length and style of the sleeves changes under the influence of the stormy imagination of designers, but one thing remains unchanged – the long sleeve is in fashion and this fashion is always in trends, you can buy your beautiful dress at Bellabarnett.