May 28, 2022


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Fashionable, Functional Raincoats for Seattle Spring | 2022

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Here’s a sad image for you: a young Seattleite singing “Rain, Rain, Go Away” in vain for days on end. Here, we learn early to find a trusty jacket for those days (weeks, months?) when the drizzle seems never-ending.

Find one cute enough and you might just start to wish for a downpour.


Stutterheim sets the standard for chic and sturdy raincoats. Pair this ultra longline rubberized cotton jacket with a set of tall, waterproof boots to never feel a raindrop again.

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Menswear can be boring. Men’s raincoats, especially so. Trade your classic black North Face for this newly released patterned version—same watertight tech, fresh ice-blue packaging.

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Adding a little flair to your rainwear doesn’t mean dressing like Paddington Bear (fashion icon though he may be). Pull the drawstring tight to create dramatic ruffles at the scalloped-lace hemline, or wear the satin-lined coat uncinched for a more casual look—either way, this is our favorite take on Seattle formal.

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See-through vinyl solves every wet-weather style dilemma, whether you despise the thought of hiding your carefully planned outfit under a layer of Gore-tex or you want your jacket to make the fashion statement for you. Note that Domdrich is based in Odessa—support a Ukrainian business, but expect shipping delays.

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Alder, an outdoor brand specifically built for adventurous women, lightens up the iconic yellow raincoat with 100 percent recycled material, a wealth of actually useful pockets (finally!), and adjustable everything.

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Why trust another city with your rainwear? Freeman’s signature made-in-Seattle raincoat conjures up images of an idyllic camping trip—from the plaid flannel lining to the sky-gray outer—without making you look or feel like you’re wrapped up in a tent.

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Thanks to an a-line silhouette, a rounded point collar, and a high-contrast zipper that breaks up the pattern, this jacket feels classic despite its bold allover print.

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Next time someone questions our city’s style, point them to Maiden Noir: The Seattle-and-Tokyo-based fashion brand crafts effortlessly cool streetwear, including this cargo-pant inspired, three-layer jacket. Even the Maiden Noir–branded tape-sealed seams look good.

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Maybe the underprepared tourists who buy single-use ponchos to protect themselves from early summer rain are onto something—at least in the silhouette department. Designer prints make Amsterdam-based Rainkiss’s recycled-polyester version infinitely more fashionable (and it won’t wind up in a landfill once the rain subsides). 

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Seattle-founded outerwear company Filson manages to keep even its most functional products PNW-polished. This simple shell prevents any water from seeping in; whether you need it for a bike commute or a fishing trip, it’s light enough to pack in its own pocket.

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