Benefits of Martial Arts Training and Self Defense For Women


One in three women are attacked in their lifetime, don’t be a statistic. Female self defense is becoming a growing trend amongst woman of all ages, especially single women. Martial arts is quickly becoming the protection of choice for many females throughout the world. It requires no special license, no possibilities of equipment malfunction and it can go anywhere with you. If you have ever been in a situation where you felt powerless and out of control, self defense classes may be just the thing for you.

Situations that no one would like to find themselves in, happen all the time, but don’t let fear hinder you powerless. Self defense can give you back the confidence to walk home from your job at night, to leave your house alone, to be self sufficient and self reliant. While you may not be able to prevent horrors like rape, robbery, murder or assault, you most definitely can prepare yourself to fight back and possibly scare your attacker off. Self defense is most definitely not the only thing you will benefit from.

There are numerous other benefits to be gained from studying martial arts. The most obvious is self defense. However, along with personal empowerment, there are also health benefits that are second to none. Increases in stamina, cardiovascular exercise, improvement in flexibility and routine physical activity are all aspects that you will benefit from. Other great bonuses are increases in focus, self control, meditation and stress relief. Depending on which type of self defense you have chosen, the benefits could vary. Thai kickboxing would be great cardio, Jeet Kune Do would increase flexibility tremendously, or Karate could increase self control.

The cost of self defense classes are minimal compared to the peace of mind you receive. Karate, JKD training (Jeet Kune Do), Taekwondo or Judo classes vary minimally. You can expect to pay about $50-100 monthly on the average, for about two classes weekly. Additional costs may incur for uniforms or sparring equipment, promotions in rank and testing fees. Ultimately, these monthly expenditures could be reduced by finding people interested (through work or social groups) and inquiring about group discounts. Coupons or free trial classes could also be found in your local newspapers. The benefits far outweigh the costs and you will continue to benefit from self defense for your entire life, it is a skill no one will be able to take away from you.

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