Make sure you look your best at all times:

You can meet and talk to girls any where you go, so you need to be at your best at all times. It doesn’t mean you need to wear suits everywhere you go, just put the effort in to look clean, your clothes match, your hair is not a mess and your shoes are decent (face the facts women like shoes). Looking good will add to your confidence, meaning you will behave more naturally around women.

Do looks matter?

Looks obviously matter, but no way near as much as you would think. Naturally men judge women by their physical features, the face and body, more than most things it is a woman’s looks that attracts men (or doesn’t attract). Women’s looks are what initially trance’s a man out; this is in comparison to women who are more seduced by words and actions. An exception to this is when the man is like a supermodel or some celebrity then the women will have the same effect as a man does for a beautiful woman. A woman places much less importance to how a man looks then how he can make her feel. Looks help with the initial “audition”, good looks and a good body will only get you this “audition” but after that it’s how you make them feel. The ability to make a woman feel warm and joyful provides a different attraction than the physical side, this attraction is much more stronger. However this doesn’t mean you should dress like a tramp, always looking your best gives you that initial physical attraction.

Good traits to have to be successful with women:

Confidence, humour, well groomed/ good looks, a good smile In addition to that other characteristics are needed which will increase your success rate. You will need to be patient and persistent, you need to be comfortable just going up to and talking to a new woman. Also you need to know how to talk and build a rapport with a woman. These next few factors will add the final touch. Have and keeping good eye contact, this will help to keep an immense rapport. Touch her, appropriately, if she looks uncomfortable with your physical touch hold back a bit until a strong enough attraction has been built. When talking and building a rapport remember not to talk about work and conversations she can have with any one, but conversations that can lead her into a state of arousal, you need to set yourself apart from the other guys and minimize the small talk. Ask her questions, which will lead her into a romantic state.

The 3-second rule:

This rule is to be used when approaching women. The idea is that you see a woman and approach her within 3 seconds (this is to avoid hesitation and to stop you talking yourself out of it). Hesitation creates a sense of nervousness and resembles traits women will not find attractive.

Even if you do not know what to say do not break the rule, make sure you act within 3 seconds. If by the time you have walked up to her you don’t know what to say, just say “hi”, this will gather you a few more seconds to initiate a conversation. The spontaneity and decisiveness in your approach will only help your cause. Hesitating will lead to self-doubt and you will start to imagine the things that will go wrong, which ultimately will lead to insecurity and lower your confidence.

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