5 Biggest Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

10 Fashion Mistakes You Should absolutely Avoid Doing | Globuzzer

Fashion is something that is to be enjoyed! There are all sorts of different combinations and looks that you can experiment with— however, there are some mistakes that you’re better off avoiding. Today we’ll go over some of the most important fashion mistakes that you should look out for. 

Choosing Fashion over Function 

Just because something looks fabulous doesn’t mean it’s necessarily functional. Something that looks incredible on the runway may not be the best choice for day-to-day life. If you plan to conceal and carry, then you’ll need the right pair of pants rather than a miniskirt, and if you plan on going hiking, then 6-inch heels are probably not the best choice. Always think about the activity that you’re going to be doing before you put on your outfit. In many cases, you may seriously regret choosing fashion over function,  so always think ahead. 

Wearing Horizontal Stripes 

Unless you want to look at least several inches wider, you should avoid wearing horizontal stripes. While horizontal stripes may be okay on a shirt, it’s not recommended for a dress because it can widen your hips in ways you definitely don’t want.  Stick to patterns and shapes that complement the shapes and curves of your body, and don’t widen your body in places where you’d like it to be slimmer. 

Choosing Quantity Over Quality 

When you go shopping, it’s natural to want to get as much as possible for your money. However, going for quality over quantity is a quick way to find yourself with poor-quality clothing that doesn’t stand the test of time. Depending on your budget, opting for extremely expensive clothing items may not be a reality. Go for mid-priced clothing in that case. Sometimes building a collection of high-quality flattering clothing is a matter of patience and building one piece of your wardrobe at a time. 

Not Using Color 

There’s something classic and gorgeous about neutral colors like black and gray. However, don’t forget that a splash of color can go a long way. When you use color, people are naturally drawn towards you, and somehow you just have a little extra pep in your step. Don’t miss out on the joy that color has on your wardrobe. Once in a while, wear a crazy color you’ve never tried before and observe the reactions you’ll get. Have fun playing with all colors of the rainbow. 

Not Accessorizing Correctly  

Accessorising is an important part of putting an outfit together. If you must choose between going overboard and subtlety, less is always more. If you manage to choose the wrong accessories for your outfit, it could wind up ruining your look instead of accentuating it.