5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her in 2023


Valentine’s Day is notoriously associated with tokens and expressions of love, littered with little cherubs, roses, chocolates and gifts. For many, the pressure of finding a thoughtful and affordable gift for Valentine’s Day is immense. There is some truth to the saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend; luckily for you, there is a great deal of consumer feedback available on brands from those who have faced a gift-giving dilemma before you. For example, check out Purely diamond reviews and easily find your Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her sorted quickly. 

What is the meaning behind Valentine’s Day?

Saint Valentine’s Day, or just Valentine’s Day as we know it now, was possibly derived from the namesake Saint, who is believed to be a third-century AD Roman priest. In rebellion against ruling Emperor Claudius II, Valentine conducted secret marriages to allow soldiers to wed their beloved; Claudius II banned marriage, believing that married men would not make good soldiers. The Emperor sent Valentine to jail with a death sentence for his acts of love; subsequently, he immortalised his fame on February 14th, when he signed a final letter to his lover with the words ‘from your Valentine’. 

The best Valentine’s Day gift for her

From the smallest, sweetest gesture to the grandest of gifts, Valentine’s Day should be a declaration of your love. Find the most meaningful gift for her from these five classics, tried and tested Valentine’s Day favourites. 

Red roses 

Nothing quite says love like a bouquet of lush red roses; an armful of fragrant blooms accompanied by a hand-written love letter or card is unforgettable. Red Roses are universally recognised as a symbol of passion, love and romance. 

Valentine’s Day treats

The classic notion of a decadent box of Valentine’s chocolate speaks to the sweet tooth in every woman; ideally, red and heart-shaped in design for the fullest effect. For those who enjoy a champagne toast to mark the occasion, a bottle of bubbles usually goes down well. 

Personalised presents

When choosing a thoughtful gift, taking the time to personalise an item makes all the difference; of course, the article itself matters, but the time and intention behind personalising it speaks volumes. Consider a photograph of your happiest memory with a written note behind the frame or engraving a secret message inside a ring.


Jewellery provides the perfect opportunity to engrave a personal message or bring to life a person’s name or initials; naturally, a sprinkling of diamonds should also do the trick. A treasured trinket, jewellery is a gift that stands the test of time. 

Experience vs gifts

The ultimate Valentine’s gift lives forever in your memories, an experience that can’t be kept in a box or forgotten with time. Think hot air balloon rides at sunset, a champagne picnic with a view or a home-cooked meal prepared with love. 

How can I make Valentine’s day special for her?

By showing up as your authentic self and being present at the moment together, you are already going in the right direction this Valentine’s Day; most importantly, the day is not just about gifts and gestures. With that said, these occasions also give you a chance to step up and do something out of the ordinary to reaffirm your love and affection for that special someone; as a result, you’ll create those memorable moments that make life beautiful. 

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