21 Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay + Other Ways to Save Money

The 21 Gas Stations Accept Apple Pay

The power of the Apple iPhone to simplify our life continues to amaze me. No more is this evident than when you pull up to a gas stations and can use Apple Pay to fill up your tank. The COVID pandemic definitely accelerated the adoption of this technology as many gas stations realized customers loved the idea of not having to touch any buttons. Here are the 21 major gas stations that take Apple Pay, I hope this list helps you decide where to buy your next tank of gas.

The 21 Gas Stations Accept Apple Pay

First of All…How Do I Use Apple Pay at the Pump?

Here are the 4 easy steps to make it happen:

1. Make sure the gas pump has the Apple Pay icon or Contactless Reader symbol on it.

2. Double-click the side button on your iPhone (or use your Apple Watch) and either enter your passcode or use Face ID to authenticate.

3. Hold your iPhone near or over the Contactless Reader.

4. Follow the instructions on the pump to complete the purchase.

Without further ado, here are all the major gas stations in the U.S. that take Apple Pay.

1. 7/11

While 7/11 absolutely takes Apple Pay, you’ll need to use it in the store when filling your gas tank.

There is no option to use Apple Pay at the actual gas pump at most stations.

You must go in the store to pay so you might as well grab a Slurpee and Slim Jim too.


You can pay with Apple Pay at ALL Arco gas stations.

But keep in mind that Arco doesn’t take credit cards, only debit cards.

So make sure your debit card is linked to your Apple Wallet and select it as your preferred payment method when using Apple Pay.

3. BP/Amoco

According to the BPme app you can use Apple Pay at all gas BP/Amoco stations.

Also, double dip your savings by using the app to earn rewards good for discounted gas in the future.

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4. Casey’s General Store

The Midwest gas and convenience store, Casey’s, added the technology to be able to accept Apple Pay at all gas stations back in October of 2021.

I have fond memories of buying candy from Casey’s on my summer trips to Nebraska to visit my grandparents.

5. Chevron

You can use Apple Pay or the Chevron app to pay for your gasoline both in-store and at the pump.

It’s worth noting that the Chevron app does NOT allow you to sync your Apple Pay to it, at least not yet.

6. Circle K

All Circle K gas stations accept Apple Pay at the pump.

You can also enter the store and buy your snacks and drinks and pay with Apple Pay at the checkout register.


Located in more than 30 states, CITGO is proud to offer customers the convenience of using Apple Pay at most locations.

CITGO is also one of the few gas stations that has pumps that are Amazon Alexa enabled.

You literally just say “Alexa, pay for gas” on your smartphone, confirm the pump number that you’re using, and the payment will be deducted form your Amazon account.

8. Conoco

Many Conoco stations accept Apple Pay these days.

When you pull up to the pump, just look for the contactless reader or Apple Pay sticker and you’ll be good to go.

9. Costco

As long as a Visa card is tied to your Apple Wallet, you can use Apple Pay at all Costco gas stations.

Keep in mind that you MUST be a Costco member to use their gas stations.

The only exception to this is if you’re using a Costco Shop Card to fill up your tank.

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10. Exxon Mobil

All Exxon Mobil locations in the U.S. accept Apple Pay.

Most Exxon Mobil pumps are also Amazon Alexa enabled, so just say “Alexa, pay for gas” on your smartphone and you’ll quickly pay via the Amazon Alexa app.

11. Love’s Travel Stops

Back in 2020, Love’s introduced a slew of new contactless payment options including Apple Pay at all pumps, as well as inside the store.

They also added Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

12. Marathon

Some, but not all, Marathon gas stations have the technology in place to accept Apple Pay.

As long as the pump has the contactless symbol you can use your iPhone to fill your tank.

13. Philips 66

Philips 66 is proud to announce that they take Apple Pay at all their gas stations.

You can also download the My Philips 66 app and use it to pay for gas as well.

14. RaceTrac

RaceTrac gas stations are located in the South and they absolutely accept Apple Pay.

You’ll find stations in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.

15. Shell

All Shell gas stations take Apple Pay.

You can also use the Shell app and link Apple Pay to it, along with PayPal, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

16. Speedway

You can use Apple Pay at all Speedway locations, both at the pump and in the convenience store.

Speedway has over 3,000 locations in 36 states.

17. Sunoco

Sunoco also accepts Apple Pay at all locations.

You can either do it directly with your iPhone or via the Sunoco app.

The cool thing with using the app is it allows you to save an extra $.03 per gallon.

18. Texaco

Most (but not all) modern Texaco gas stations take Apple Pay.

According to the Texaco website, you can also use Venmo or PayPal when you using the Texaco app which is kinda cool.

19. Travel Centers of America

Known as a great stop for long-haul truckers, Travel Centers of America has been accepting Apple Pay for a couple years.

20. Valero

The vast majority of Valero gas stations accept Apple Pay.

Save even more by tying your Apple Pay to the Valero app and score a 10 cents per gallon discount.

21. Wawa

Wawa gas stations and convenience stores (located on the East Coast) happily accept Apple Pay.

If you’re ever in a Wawa location in November, order the Gobbler sandwich.

It’s a hot sandwich packed with turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry on a hoagie roll. SO GOOD!

Ask the Reader: Do you know of any other major gas stations that accept Apple Pay? Let me know in the comments.

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